Saturday, January 22, 2011

Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Collection: Is it worth it?

If  you guys don't know already, Urban Decay released an exclusive collection of eyeliners to celebrate their 15 year anniversary.  This set includes 15 full sized eyeliners (6 of which are entirely new shades) and 1 duo pencil sharpener (the Grindhouse).  For swatches of this product, please click here.  I recently acquired this collection from Sephora, but not before really thinking about if I really needed/wanted this set.  I don't think I'm the only one who has trouble deciding whether or not to get this, especially when it comes to really good deals and/or limited edition items such as this one.  While the price per eyeliner breaks down to a little bit over $6 per pencil, you still have to swallow the total price of $92 plus tax.  I decided to break down the pros and cons here, and then go on about why I decided to buy this for myself. 

Reasons why you may want to buy this:
-You're okay with spending $92 in one go.
-Quality eyeliners.  These are amongst the smoothest, creamiest pencils I've ever used.  I've been hooked ever since I first acquired my first Urban Decay 24/7 liners.  Really excellent pigmentation and I'm perfectly happy to only use these eyeliners for the rest of your life.
-Retail value for 15 full sized eyeliners (were they to be purchased individually) is 3x the cost of this collection.  You would essentially be getting each eyeliner for a little over $6 plus a free pencil sharpener.
-You already use multicolored eyeliner pencils either as an alternative to black eyeliner or you like to use them as an eyeshadow base, etc.

Reasons why you may want to pass on this collection:
-$92 is 3 weeks' worth of groceries (*cough cough* university student here).  In other words.  You can't afford it.
-During the holidays, Urban Decay releases more affordable eyeliner collections.

REALLY BAD reasons that you may use to justify this purchase:
-You're thinking about using different colored eyeliners more often.  If you're only used to black and/or brown eyeliners and you want to break into color, you really don't have to break into color with such a massive purchase.  Drug store brands like L'oreal, Milani, and CoverGirl have dupes of UD's famous eyeliners.  Start with a couple, not 15.  I once bought a crapload of gel liners from ebay thinking I was going to use them all but I haven't even touched most of them.
-It's limited edition.  The collection may be limited edition but the colors aren't.

I hope that was helpful to some of you who were struggling with the decision.  I ultimately decided to buy it despite being on my spending ban because I felt like this is something that I could definitely use.  With that said, I don't need any new pencil eyeliners for a really long time.

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