Sunday, January 30, 2011

CVS Haul 1/29/2011

Hey guys~

I have terrible will power plus I get this insane high when I buy new makeup.  I bent one of my makeup buying ban rules today.  Technically I'm on a buying ban but I went to CVS today and couldn't resist picking up some things.  My local CVS had these free Biore makeup cloth samples so I grabbed one of those.  I also got this gorgeous bright red (well, it says coral) lipstick by Revlon.  I was going to the counter to pay for the things when I decided to print out some coupons (if you scan your Extra Care card at the price check machine, some coupons will print out).  I got one for $5 any two Revlon products so I hurried back o the makeup section to find something else I wanted.  I spotted two Revlon lipglosses that were marked on clearance but did not have the 75% off sticker on them.  I explained to the cashier that there must be a mistake, and she was having a long day so instead of dealing with it like she should have, she just scanned my lipstick 3 times so that I would get a discounted price on glosses as well.  I picked up a pink pigment because I wanted to do some Valentine's Day looks, but I don't wear pink eyeshadow so I don't own any.  Hopefully, I'll have some time to do some tutorials before Valentine's day.

Hope you guys are all having a fab day, and if you're on a makeup buying ban too, best of luck!


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  1. hi there! I'm a new follower! awesome blog you got here!
    I am on a makeup ban...gosh its hard! I'm so tempted!