Friday, October 12, 2012

Sephora will NOT be doing a F&F Sale this year

Yes,  you read the title correctly, ladies and gents.  Sephora is NOT doing their annual Friends & Family 20% off sale this year.  I just got off the phone with customer service, and the nice man informed me that Sephora is trying something new this year.  Replacing the FF Sale is the "Spin to Win" event where you may spin a virtual wheel at and have a chance to win one deluxe sample, free shipping with $25 purchase, or 10% off your entire purchase.  To claim your prize, you must make a purchase online at

How do you guys feel about all this?

Personally, I think this is garbage.  Absolutely one of the shittiest ways to thank your long time customers, especially since most of these spin-to-win offers are available often.  The Friends and Family sale was the biggest sale of the year and I know I'm not the only one who waits all year to take advantage of it and restock on supplies.  I don't remember exactly what happened last year but the sale was made a lot more exclusive so that it was more difficult to take advantage of, but at least it was still there!  I know some of the brands Sephora carries such as Urban Decay and Smashbox have their own FF sales, so I can see that taking this away could potentially hurt Sephora's business.

Meanwhile, I forgot to ask whether the VIB 20% off sale will still be present.  I kind of doubt it, since the FF one has disappeared.  I'll make sure to let everybody know when I find out.