Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christian Louboutin Stiletto Nails: My 1st Attempt at Sculpted Nails

Oh boy.  I've done it again, haven't I?  Started up blogging again only to be overwhelmed by life and neglect it for a few weeks.  I'll do a short update on that at the end of this post.  For now, I want to share with you an experiment I conducted a few weeks ago.

My friend Kristine really wanted Christian Louboutin stiletto nails, and asked me to create some for her.  I have never done sculptured nails before on an actual person (just the fake mannequin hands at school!), let alone stiletto nails, but I was willing to give it a go.  For those of you who don't know, sculptured nails are acrylic nails that are created as an extension of the nail plate without first gluing a fake nail tip on.  Stiletto nails were really hot last year, and they basically look like claws.

Kristine had chewed up her nails so that even though her nail bed was nice and long, I had no free edge (white part of the nail) to work with.  So I had no choice but to glue some nail tips onto all 10 of her fingers.  The reason I need some free edge to work with is because I had to place the sculpture forms right underneath (not pictured).

I then had to trim the nail tips down, tape on the forms, and get to work mixing the chemicals and shaping the nails.  Then file down the acrylic and paint each nail.  The entire process took four hours.

I wish I could say it was a success, but as you can see from the pictures, it most definitely was not.  I ruined three brushes doing these nails because the acrylic hardened on the bristles and when that happens they're beyond saving.  I also ran out of powder so my powder to liquid ratio was off and the nails towards the end became thin and rubbery.  You can't imagine how frustrated I was, and even while using odorless products, the fumes were really getting to me.

Kristine told me the nails started falling off in the shower, which is really odd because I used a primer, and I've had my own nails done using the same products.  Those nails lasted forever.  It made me so sad that all that time spent on the nails couldn't hold them up.  It also frustrated the crap out of me because the nails I did in class were always solid and well done.

You bet your pantyhose and licorice sticks--when I get my hands on more powder and brushes, I'll be looking for my next victim.

Anyway a few life updates.....

  • I'm in Quebec right now visiting my boyfriend.  It's so freaking cold--even Mr. Sugarbumpkin insists that this is the coldest winter they've had for a long time.  Needless to say, I miss California weather.  And the food.
  • Feeling a bit blue and depressed about my career choice in the beauty industry.  While it makes me happy, I feel anxious about being financially stable and all that fun stuff.
  • I've decided to stop buying makeup unless I ABSOLUTELY need it for my clients or if I'm using gift cards.  Same goes with hairstyling products.  So that means no makeup on this trip even though I have access to Canadian exclusive goodies.  Sigh.
  • Every time I visit my boyfriend, my skin freaks out and I get a rash all over my body.  My skin becomes insanely dry and this time my eyes have started burning.  Still no idea what I'm allergic to but it makes putting on makeup really unfun.
That's about it.  Mr. Sugarbumpkin has a loooooong day of work and classes tomorrow so I'll be camping out in his place hopefully putting together some more blogs.  While I have been unable to post regularly, I have been collecting material so don't give up on me yet!


  1. Ah, what a shame! But you need friends to practice on. Looking forward to seeing attempt no 2 because the shape and the beading look beautiful!

  2. You need to change your moisturizer because of the weather your skin is not used to the change of climate (I know i'm from Montreal and I go thru the same thing every winter) and second we have less sun exposer (less vitamine D) so that affect your skin too!
    Have fun in Montreal ... you should go to the Igloo fest!

    1. Yeah I learned that the hard way. I brought some extra moisturizing lotion and I have to slather it all over everyday. I'm not sure if I'll be going to the Igloo Fest just because I didn't bring clothes fit for playing in the snow. I'll think about it though!