Thursday, January 3, 2013

My first swap!

Happy new year, fellow beauty lovers!  Thank you for the few of you that offered your input to my humble little blog.  I've been asked to do a little more of everything, and I'll try my very best to do that to break up the long chain of FOTD posts that I do.  It's hard to not wear makeup everyday now because I have to be professional now and look like I know what I'm doing.  Don't get me wrong, I love makeup.  I just like to give my face a rest sometimes.  But with all the makeup application, I end up having a lot to post about, hahaha.

I've rambled on as usual.  Allow me to tell you about the conditions of this swap.  I met Kristine, the makeup artist I currently work with, at a wedding back in September.  She was, of course, doing makeup and I was assisting a hairdresser at the time.  We clicked right away.  I found out she made beauty videos on Youtube, hence the same blogging/vlogging mindset we both had.  She suggested we do a swap.  I agreed immediately, but suggested we do a used item swap since I'm lacking funds and I have tons of makeup I don't use.  She agreed, and we swapped the items in person a few months later.  I made my first Youtube video in about two years to film the swap.  She filmed a video about the items I got her as well.  I will post both videos down below.

Now as for my part, I was a little sugar high when I filmed it.  I didn't realize how ridiculous I was being until I watched it a few hours later.  Naturally, I uploaded it anyway.

And here is Kristine's video:

I may or may not continue doing videos.  It would probably help with my public speaking skills.  Anyways, hope you guys enjoy!

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