Saturday, June 25, 2011

Green & Silver Prom Makeup (Pic tutorial!)

My boyfriend's baby sister is having her prom in a couple of days, and asked for some advice in terms of makeup.  Since we're in different countries, I couldn't do her makeup personally.  And being the beauty blogger I am, I decided to do both a video makeup tutorial and a picture tutorial for a makeup look.  She requested a green and silver look to match her dress.  This is the first time I've made a picture tutorial and it is very very lengthy.  You have been warned.  If you just want to skip to see how the makeup looks, just scroll all the way down!  Also, this is the first of (hopefully) many looks using my neglected UD Alice in Wonderland palette.

Start with an eyeshadow primer.  Apply it all over the eye, up to the browbone,
into the lower lashline, and in the inner corner of the eye.

Apply a green cream eyeshadow on the lid.

It should look like this.

Blend it out with your finger.

And then it should look like this!  Don't worry about not being able to see
much of the green anymore.

Take a green eyeshadow (preferably one that matches the color of your dress)
with an eyeshadow brush.

Pat the eyeshadow all over your lid.  It should look like this.

Take some silver eyeshadow on a blending brush.

Start depositing the color on the outside of the crease above the green.

And it should look like this!

Reapply the green eyeshadow as needed.  Blending usually takes away
some of the color.

Go back to the silver with a small eyeshadow brush or a q-tip.

Place the silver in the inner corner of the eye, and down a bit into
the lower lashline.

And it should look like this!

Go back into the green with a small eyeshadow brush or q-tip.

Place the green into the middle third of the lower lashline.

Take a bit of black eyeshadow on a pencil brush.

Place the black eyeshadow in the outer V of the eye.  Blend it a bit into
the upper lashline as well.

Bring the black eyeshadow down to the lower lashline to
meet the green.

Blend some more silver into the crease.

Again, reapply the green eyeshadow.

Take a matte eyeshadow that is slightly lighter than your skin.

Place it on your browbone and blend downwards.

Line your upper and lower waterline.

And it should look like this!

Line the upper lashline.

Line the lower lashline, about halfway towards the inner corner
of the eye.

Take a matte black eyeshadow with an angled eyeliner brush.

Apply the eyeshadow over the liner to make it more long lasting.

Curl your three times: once at the base, once in the middle, and once at the end.

Apply a waterproof mascara.

And you're done!

~*Products Used*~

-Tarte Silicone Free Face Primer
-Smashbox Foundation in Light 3
-L'oreal TruMatch Foundation in N6
-Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer (discontinued)
-Lancome Concealer (discontinued)
-Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder
-NARS Laguna Bronzer
NARS blush in Deep Throat
-ELF bronzing powder

-NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Horseradish
-UD e/s in Absolem, Vorpal, and Jabberwocky (from Alice in Wonderland BoS)
-Too Faced e/s in Heaven
-Inglot e/s in 63
-UD 24/7 Liner in Zero
-L'oreal Waterproof Carbon Black 

-Lancome Cover Fever Lipstick in Rose Tempest
-Buxom l/g in Amber

Props to you if you made it till the very end!  

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Thank you!

P.S.  The entire process of preparing for the tutorial, doing the tutorial, editing, translating, implementing subtitles took over 10 hours.

[I have nothing to disclose.]


  1. I'm liking it a lot. It's not often I find wearable and pretty green e/s looks. Also, I love the lippie you paired it with. =)

  2. Awwh really pretty, it makes your eye colour stand out so much :)

  3. WOW! You're a hard worker, you spent a lot of time on this! I see what you mean, I've thought of making tutorial type posts before but it takes too much time to take a picture after every step, especially if it is a complex look. The tutorial looks awesome! Great job!

  4. great tutorial! love it! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  5. Love the look and the tutorial. I can't believe how much effort must have gone into it! I hope you don't mind hun but I've linked to this post in my next 7 Day Challenge post which is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Is that ok? x

  6. That would be fantastic! It's no problem at all. Thanks, Claire!

  7. I love this look! Great job!

    {I found you through another blogger, I'll be following! :)}

  8. This turned out lovely, colorful but wearable!

  9. Thank you. Great ideas!
    My latest post is about makeup.