Tuesday, June 28, 2011

R.I.P. Eyelash Curler

Have you ever had a tool so trustworthy and dependable that you neglected to use any other of its kind?  That was my relationship with my eyelash curler.  It's a Personi eyelash curler that I purchased from Beautychoice.com a looooonggg time ago (back in 2009).  I purchased it as a set with a bunch of other stuff, and the whole set was $50.  Just last week, the dang thing cracked and my eyelashes got stuck inside the crack.  It was a pain in the asscrack to pry my lashes out.  I had a few casualties =(

Unfortunately, they do not sell the eyelash curler individually, and I'm not willing to fork over another $50 for the curler alone.  I resorted to a pink ELF curler I bought as a backup a little while ago.  It didn't function as well as I had hoped, especially when I've heard so many good things about it.  I went to Sephora and asked for their best eyelash curler, hoping that it would last me much longer.  The makeup specialist recommended their own brand which seemed a little fishy, but I just went for it.

ELF on the left, Sephora on the right.
I only used the Sephora curler once, but so far I think I like it.  I've never seen reviews for eyelash curlers, but I dang well think it's time to for me to do some.

What eyelash curler do you rely on to open up your blinkers?  I know there has been a lot of rave about the shu uemora curler a while ago, but those are no longer sold in the U.S.  I'm really curious as to which other ones work well for you guys, so leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading :D

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  1. I've been using the E.L.F. one but I may end up splurging for the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. Most people say it's the holy grail of eyelash curlers, and I imagine I wouldn't ever have to buy another one ever again if it is as good as they say it is...

  2. I'm sorry about your curler. :( I have both an ELF (wish I'd gotten the pink one though) and the Shu Uemura, which is still my go-to even after all of these years. I've had it since 2005 and it really is amazing.

  3. LAME! I hate when something you use all the time breaks and you can't replace it. I actually rarely use an eyelash curler because I am scared to death of accidentally slipping or something and pulling all my eyelashes out! I know that is completely stupid.....I once saw an eyelash curler somewhere that heated up....that REALLY scares me lol!

  4. Now that I see JC's comment above, I must add that I have heard excellent things about the Shu Uemura curler. It is a bit pricey but if you curl your eyelashes a lot it's worth it. I've heard it lasts forever as well!

  5. When my lash curler broke I waited sooooo long to buy another one, because even though it was cheap it did the job so well :( then I finally bit the bullet and bought an Ardell one. It does the job okay.

  6. what a bummer your curler broke. It's quite expensive but at least it lasted you a very long time. I have the Shu Umera curler and bout it a couple years ago when it was still available.