Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inglot Metallic Holiday Look (Guaranteed wearable!)

Hey ladies and germs!

Here's a tutorial I did last Wednesday for a fun, festive holiday look!  Super duper easy to do and not over-the-top bright. I used mainly Inglot colors for the main look, but unfortunately, they are hard to access in the United States.  In fact, there are currently only two stores, one in Las Vegas and one in New York City.  I believe this brand is popular everywhere else except the U.S. which does not make sense.  I'm totally in love with the eyeshadows, and will get more whenever I have a chance for sure!  Since the specific shadows I used are hard to find here, and because I can't lift the eyeshadows out of the palette to see the names, I have included some pictures and swatches of the main colors I used.  Enjoy!

-Smashbox Foundation in L3
-CoverFX Setting Powder in Light
-The Body Shop Cheek & Face Powder in Berry (Limited Edition)
-Tarte Mineral Bronzing Powder in Park Ave Princess

-Sonia Kashuk Brow Kit (Darkest Shade)
-Inglot Eyeshadows
-Lancome e/s in After Dusk
-Wet n Wild e/s in Brulee
-UD 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero
-L'oreal Extra Collagen Mascara

-EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit
-Lancome Color Fever l/s in Rost Tempest
-Stila Plumping Lipglaze

These Inglot shadows were swatched over moisturized skin with a brush.  I used the gold, green, and purple.
With flash...
Without flash...

The colors are a lot more vibrant in person.  My noobiness and lack of good lighting keeps me from capturing the eyeshadows at their finest.

That's all for now folks!

Try editing your videos in public.....

So I got out of class not too long ago, but I'm staying on campus because my roommate is performing the harp in the music building in a little bit, and there wasn't much point to going home and back.  Since I don't have any of textbooks with me, I decided it would be a good time to edit my video for a holiday look tutorial (coming up soon hopefully!). You know how weird it is editing my videos and cropping my pictures in a public library?  People who walk by and glance at my screen probably think I'm a narcissist for looking at pictures and watching videos of myself. WEIRD, but oddly amusing haha.  I wanted to take a discreet picture of the setting I'm in right now, but a girl just sat down at the table I was sitting at and I don't want to weird her out.  Instead I'll just show you some pictures off the school website. 

The library is actually quite huge.

Here's a picture of the entrance. 

What is that thing in front of the library, you ask? It's one of the many eggheads on campus.  Each one is in a different position.  If you rub it before a final or a midterm, it's supposed to bring you good luck.

Ok, there's your tourist destination of the day.  I haven't even finished cropping the pictures for the look yet.  Booooooo!

Monday, November 29, 2010

BeautyBloggers.org Charity Auction!

As I was perusing through my daily dose of blogs on blogger, the lovely lady behind the blog My Lips But Better (sorry, I don't know your name!)  blogged about a very interesting charity auction that I really wanted to share with everybody.  BeautyBloggers.org is auctioning off donations of high-end beauty products to support Doctors without Borders, an international medical humanitarian organization created to aid people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, exclusion from health care, or natural disasters.  If you want to learn more about this organization and/or about other ways to donate, please click here.  Otherwise, I urge you to check out the auction--it's a great way to get your Christmas shopping done in the name of philanthropy!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Body Shop 3 for $30 Black Friday Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving!  While I'm sure we look forward to the feasting with family every year, we also look forward to the massive sales!  Here is one that I always look forward to: The Body Shop 3 for $30 sale.  Everything (except gift sets) is 3 for $30!  This is definitely an opportunity to take advantage of, especially with their brushes and body butters!  Personally, I can't use most of their skincare items because of my sensitive skin, but I have been quite impressed with some of the items of their makeup line.  Here are some of my favorites/recommendations:

Face and Cheek Powder (retails for $21 each).  If I didn't own these already, I would just jump on these cause these face and cheek powders are absolutely GORGEOUS! They are limited edition and part of their fall collection for 2010.  The powders are incredibly pigmented so the point where you can even use them as eyeshadows! The orangey bronze one is a bit difficult for me to use on the face because it's so orange, but again, can be used on the eyes instead.  The berry one is absolutely gorgeous and can be used on all skin tones.  Pick these up while you still can!

Nature's Mineral's Blush Brush (Retails at $19): This brush is amazing.  It's super soft, but still dense.  I love how it is slightly tapered in the center, because it gives a bit more control and precision if you need it.  I use this brush for setting my liquid foundation, but it can definitely be used for brush or bronzer. Love it.

Baked to Last Blush (Retails at $18 each): I don't own these, but I own some from the 2009 Winter Collection, and they are really gorgeous.  They're not as pigmented as the Face and Cheek powders mentioned above, but they are definitely pigmented enough.  These do pack a lot of shimmer, so if shimmer isn't your thing, I would stay away from these.  They're gorgeous all the same.

Holiday Eye Palettes (Retails at $25 each): I have the holiday palette from last year, and the colors' pigmentation was okay while being loaded with shimmer.  These look a lot more promising.  The palettes consist of 4 powder eyeshadows and 1 cream eyeshadow.

Single Eyeshadows (Retails at $12 each): I don't own any of these, but I have swatched them many times at the store.  They are very pigmented, and much better quality than the eyeshadows in their palettes.  The colors are all very pretty, and there are even a few unique ones.

Okay, folks.  That's all for now. Happy shopping!

*Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with the company.

Cherry Culture Thanksgiving Sale: 20% off Everything!

Hey guys! I know you're all bombarded with all sorts of Black Friday and Thanksgiving sales, so I thought I'd show up with another one! Hurray!

In any case, I've been waiting for Cherry Culture to have a sale again for the longest time because I wanted to pick up some glitter liners and more of those Jumbo Eyeshadow pencils. Those work like a dream!  If you miss out on this sale, don't worry.  CC has sales like this a few times a year, so you don't have to feel pressured to take advantage of it.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! And have a SAFE (remember the Walmart employee that got killed by a stampede of people last year) but productive Black Friday!

*Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with the company.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish Haul + First Impresions

A couple weeks ago, Zoya had a sale on their website featuring BOGO free on nail polishes.  I was absolutely ecstatic because this is a brand of polishes I have been wanting to try for a really long time.  What caught my eye from the beginning was the beautiful duochrome-ity of the colors that made them so shiny and so unique.  It was EXTREMELY difficult to narrow my selection down to these 8 colors:

Swatches (1 coat over Revlon Base Coat):

More swatches (2 coats over Revlon Base Coat):
 Akyra (#4) actually only has one coat.  I messed up on it and forgot to do the second coat.

Sorry this pic was taken without flash.  The pictures don't look the same on the tiny screen on my camera and I thought the lighting would turn out better.  Obviously my nails haven't bee cleaned up.  I didn't bother because I was removing these swatches right after.

As Zoya describes the colors best, I'm going to take the descriptions straight from their website.

1.Tangy: Bright apple green shimmer with peachy-orange duochrome. Fun and funky yet easy to wear. 
Color Family: Greens 
Finish: Metallic 
Intensity: 4 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque ) 
Tone: Cool 
Original Collection: Candy 
Thoughts: I love the brightness of this color, but I was quite disappointed by the first coat.  A second coat does wonders and is absolutely necessary for this polish.  I wouldn't say that the intensity is at a level 4, but rather a 2 or a 3.

2. Irene: Muted, mossy camouflage olive green accented by fine yellow-based green shimmer. An earthy way to wear the green nail trend.  
Color Family: Greens 
Finish: Metallic 
Intensity: 4 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque ) 
Tone: Cool 
Original Collection: Utopia
Thoughts: I do like this color.  It reminds me of the holidays, which is probably why I chose it.  I wish it was a tad bit darker though.  Again, this requires two coats to look right, and I would disagree on the intensity level that Zoya gives it.

3. Veruschka: Deep blue-kissed emerald evergreen garnished with strong metallic shimmer in a velvety matte finish. The ultimate combination of this year's hottest trends- deep green and matte finish. 
Color Family: Greens  
Finish: Metallic 
Intensity: 5 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque ) 
Tone: Cool 
Original Collection: MatteVelvet 
Thoughts: I truly love this color.  When I first looked at the color on the brush, I was disappointed because it just looked like a metallic emerald.  While I love emeralds, a sparkly emerald isn't all that special at all.  I'm glad that I decided to try it out because I absolutely love this color, and plan to buy more from this collection. Check out my NOTD post on this color here.

4. Akyra: Medium metallic teal shimmer in a dark smoky blue base. A dark aquatic shade for a hip and edgy nail look.  
Color Family: Blues 
Finish: Metallic 
Intensity: 3 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque ) 
Tone: Cool 
Original Collection: Utopia 
Thoughts:  Quite sheer, but very pretty.  A good 2 or 3 coats should do the trick.

5. Deidra: A delicate mauve-purple with an overlay of shimmering gold frost. A whimsical shade for fairy-tale nails.  
Color Family: Purples 
Finish: Metallic 
Intensity: 2 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque ) 
Tone: Cool 
Original Collection: Classics
Thoughts: Loooove this color!  It's like a light golden purple, very pretty and feminine.  I would rate the intensity level at a 4, because as you can see  from the picture above, a single coat is quite good compared to most of the other polishes.

6. Kelly: A rich gray shade with soft purple and blue undertones. An easy to wear alternative to black and a perfect NEW neutral.  
Color Family: Purples, Greys, Blues 
Finish: Cream 
Intensity: 5 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque ) 
Tone: Cool 
Original Collection: Wonderful 
Thoughts: It was a much deeper grey than I expected, but still a nice neutral.  I think I like this one the least from the bunch.  If I were to wear this, I would probably settle for just one coat.

7. Kotori: A dense bright blue shimmer superimposed over a sheer black base. Dark and edgy yet perfectly chic.  
Color Family: Blues 
Finish: Metallic 
Intensity: 3 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque ) 
Tone: Cool 
Original Collection:  Downtown 
Thoughts:  Was super disappointed with how sheer this was considering how I fell head over heels in love with the swatch on the website.  I suppose I just have to layer on more coats but I don't like wearing too many layers as the polish seems to chip and peel more easily.

8. Edyta: A complex mixture of gold, olive, blue-green and smoky grey with a sparkling metallic finish.A dark shade balanced with sparkle for a dramatic look.  
Color Family: Greens 
Finish: Metallic 
Intensity: 5 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque ) 
Tone: Cool 
Original Collection: Wicked 
Thoughts: This is a very deep green, almost black color that is LOADED with gold shimmer.  All that glitter may be the reason why it was a pain in the butt to smooth over my nail the first time.  Again, nothing a second coat can't fix.

These polishes met maybe 90% of my expectation, which is decent.  They are very runny so you will have to be careful not to drip it all over the place like I did.  I would absolutely buy these polishes again for the gorgeous unique colors, but preferably when another sale comes around.  Until then, what Zoya polishes (or polishes in general) do you recommend?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Saying Goodbye: Products that Go Bad

I have been wanting to post about this for a while, since that fateful night before Halloween.  I know, I know.  That was a billion years ago.  But better late than never, right?

About an hour before the event, I was invited to a party the night before Halloween.  In that time I had to shower, put on makeup, and figure out my Halloween costume.  To read about my Halloween weekend and see pictures of makeup and other fun stuff, click here.  Anyways, it wasn't until after I left my apartment that I realized there was a nasty taste in my mouth, a bit like cheap lip products.  I quickly realized that it must be my lipgloss, because I have never gotten this taste in my mouth when I have worn this lipgloss before.  I must say, I was super sad about my lipgloss going bad, because it was Rimmel's Vinyl Gloss in East End Snob, and they discontinued those glosses. Rimmel may have a similar product out, but for that I am not certain about.  I loved the strawberry scent of the gloss (when it was still usable) and how the opaque warm frosty pink color looked on my lips.  Honestly, if it weren't for the taste, I would probably continue using it even if I knew it had gone bad because I love it that much.  When I arrived home later that night, I dug through my lipglosses to see if any others had gone bad.  I was absolutely devastated to find some of my favorite Smashbox glosses no longer smelled delicious, and therefore must be too old to use.  Had to toss 4 of my favorite glosses that night.  It was hard to say goodbye.

I am aware of that there general expiration dates for all cosmetics, and lipglosses are supposed to die within about 9 months, but after having spent all that money on makeup, I hate to throw things away unless I really truly have to.  I guess this is motivation to wear makeup more often.  Nowadays, I don't wear makeup to school because it's too time consuming, and I'd rather do a good job than to halfass it only to look like a fool.  I wonder if that is the same as being comfortable to walk out in my own skin.  Probably not.  Ramblings aside, does anyone else feel like this?  Hoarding makeup as long as possible? 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

NOTD: Veruschka by Zoya


Veruschka by Zoya, and boy is it a mouthful.

I got this polish (and 7 others) from Zoya's website a few weeks ago when they had their buy one get one free sale.  As I had said before, I've been lusting after these polishes since they started selling them at my campus bookstore right next to the Clinique counter, so I was ecstatic to try these out at a significantly lower price.

Anyways, Veruschka is a very unique polish, at least for someone like me who is just getting into nail polish.  To me, it seems to have a dulled out metallic green.  A matte version of a matte finish.  Does that even make sense?  I can't seem to wrap my brain around it. Here is how Zoya describes it: "Deep blue-kissed emerald evergreen garnished with strong metallic shimmer in a velvety matte finish. The ultimate combination of this year's hottest trends- deep green and matte finish."  Funny thing is, Zoya categorizes it in the Metallic family. See!? Zoya is as mindboggled as me!  I took this picture to further confuse the cheese out of you folks.  My ring finger is sporting the dried version of Veruschka, and my index finger features the polish when it is still wet.

I actually considered giving this polish away because i thought it was a normal metallic green that I could find in any drugstore brand but boy am I glad to have tried it out first.

The first picture features 2 coats of Veruschka over my Revlon Base Coat.  It's actually quite opaque (rates 5 in opaqueness by Zoya) but I thought I would do 2 coats for good measure.  The nails are very messy as you can see; I didn't do that good of a job cleaning it up last night because I had taken off some swatches for the rest of my Zoya polishes (coming up soon!!) and got lazy and tired of the smell.  I used to hate how short my nails were because I thought they would never look as pretty as the girls with long natural gorgeous nails.  But I think I have learned to accept my short stubs, and really enjoy my "massive collection of nail polish for someone who used to not use nail polish."  I'm such a noob.

If you would like to purchase this product, you may do so here.

In any case, if you have tried Zoya polishes or this color in particular, please let me know what you think. It seems like Zoya is not a brand I see very much of in the beauty world these days so I would love to hear about your experiences =)

Much love and Veruschka,


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Juicy Couture Friends and Family 30% Sale + Free Shipping!

Juicy Couture is having a 30% off sale right now with free shipping!  I just found out from Beauty Ambition, and the sale will last till Thursday, Nov 17.  That's tomorrow!  Coupon code for this discount is FFNOV.  I believe they have this sort of sale every year, although the last time I heard about it, it was only 25%.  Anyways, that's irrelevant.  These companies sure how to suck the moolah out of us.

Meanwhile, I have been lusting over this bag for a few years already, and I DESPERATELY want it. 

 Only one teensy weensy problem: I'm already on loans for school so I can't afford it.  With the discount it's approximately $136 plus tax but blehhh....I've bought too much makeup already.  I don't deserve it.  I have to stop looking at the website now and snap back to reality.  *sigh*  Such a beautiful bag.....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FREE Sephora Grabbag with $25 Purchase!

Hey guys! I'm really excited about this one because there are a lot of goodies here, unlike the last clutch that they offered. In this grab bag, there are deluxe samples of...
1. Philosophy Hope Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30
2. Sephora Collection Colorful Mono Eyeshadow
3. MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick (I bet it's going to super tiny lol)
4. Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner
5. Anastasia Brow Gel
6. MultiplEYE Lash Enhancer
7. Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
8. LORAC Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss
9. Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate
10. Sephora Collection Advanced Lash Booster
I'm most excited about the lip and eye products, not so much for the anti-aging stuff. If you choose to buy something, NARS All Night Long Lipgloss (FULL SIZE FOR ONLY $10!! A steal!) is back on stock! I snagged one of those and the Tokidoki eyeshadow sets. Of course, I'll probably end up returning it. Bwahahahah!

Coupon Code is GETAWAY. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pin up Girl Attempt

So after a long day and night of studying or writing papers, I always look forward to coming home and relaxing with my toys.  On Wednesday I had a paper due about Georg Simmel's works on the metropolis, the stranger, and the dyad and triad on formal sociology, and how his analysis is thoroughly dialectical.  I must say, it was a pain in the ass to write because I'm struggling a bit in that class.  Needless to say, like whenever I'm writing papers or studying, I always look longingly at my makeup, wishing I could ditch everything and delve my soul into the colorful world of cosmetics.  Okay, enough sap.  The look and the hair here obviously does not match, but I was trying to practice curling hair with my straightening iron, and my boyfriend went crazy over my bright red lips I wore on Halloween so I thought I would do a look inspired by red lips.

-Smashbox Healthy FX Foundation in Light 3
-NARS concealer duo in Custard (lighter shade)
-Tarte Mineral Bronzing Powder in Park Ave Princess
-MAC Blush in Blushbaby
-Cover FX loose powder in Light

-Lancome e/s in Sunset Gleam
-Flirt! e/s in Coconutty
-Wet n Wild e/s in Brulee
-L'oreal Lineur Intense liquid e/l
-L'oreal Extra Collagen Mascara
-UD 24/7 e/l in Zero
-Stila e/l in Topaz

-EOS Lip balm in Summer Fruit
-Jordana lipliner in Plush Plum
-Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Berry Rose
-YSL Golden Gloss Shade 14

These terms are getting tiring to type out lol.  From now on I'll probably use more shortcuts. You guys should be able to figure it out. Haha!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sephora V.I.B. Exclusive Party on Thursday 11/11

So I'm not quite sure how, but somehow I qualified as a V.I.B. member at Sephora again this year.  I didn't think I spent THAT much.  In any case, Sephora is having a bit of a party in store on Thursday where you can enter their V.I.B. Sweepstakes, sample Godiva chocolates, receive a free Sephora Tote, and of course, get 20% off your entire purchase.  Can't make it to the party, you say? Do not fear! You can take advantage of the discount online with coupon code VIB20.  So if you missed out on the Sephora Friends & Family sale last month, here's your chance to get some discounted goods. Enjoy!

If you are going to the event, or plan on making purchases in the store, make sure you print out this coupon. Hopefully, I won't get in trouble for sharing this coupon ahahhaaa.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Giving Blood

I really hate giving blood.  It is such a stressful experience because the sight of blood makes me faint.  I panic knowing that blood is going to be drawn from inside me, and that people have to poke needles inside me to test my blood and draw 1 pint and 3 vials of it out of me. *shudders*

Anyways, Wednesday was the second time I have ever donated blood.  The medical professionals and volunteers are generally pretty nice, and there are free shirts and snacks for people who donate.  It's just the horror stories (nurse poking needle into arm 10 times before finding the vein) and my fear of blood that scare me poopless.  To minimize discomfort, I chugged as much water as I could before going in and that's when the journey began. 

First they verify your information and send you off to do a mini questionaire about your health.  Then a nurse reviews that information, and pricks your finger to get a blood sample in order to test if you are in good shape to donate blood.  All they do is test to see if you have enough iron in your blood.  They drop the sample into this solution, and the blood is supposed to sink all the way down if you're A-ok to donate.  Mine sank towards the bottom, and just floated around about 0.5cm away from the bottom.  To double check my qualification, the nurse took another sample of blood to put in a centrifuge, which spins the sample around for 3 minutes in order to separate the plasma in the blood and percentage of red blood cells within the blood, aka hematicrites. The minimum to donate blood is 38.  My number ended up being 50, which really confused the nurse, so she consulted another nurse and decided the best way to proceed was to take another sample and put it through the centrifuge again.  She knew I was very uncomfortable with the finger pricking and squeezing my finger to get the blood flowing out, so she let me decide whether I wanted to do it or not, and if I did she would fetch me another shirt.  I REALLY didn't want to do it, but I knew it was for a good cause so I agreed.  By that time, the prick on my first finger had already clogged, so she had to prick another finger to get a sample.  The way they prick your finger hurts like hell.  The pain sent a sort of shock in my hand and went all the way down to my wrist, where it stayed for a long time.  In any case, the 3rd testing resulted in a 38, which really worried me because that was the MINIMUM, something I don't like to settle for.  I really didn't want to feel dizzy during my next class.  Upon approval, I waited in line for an open donation station.  The nurse there....was not so pleasant.  She did everything correctly but she didn't give a rat's ass that I didn't like the sight of blood.  The needle that went into my arm was connected to a pouch through a tube, which she left on my arm.  I could feel the warm blood flowing out of my arm and into the pouch.  It was really hard to grasp mentally.  And dang was I glad when it was over.  I could feel the needle inside me for the longest time, and it was a relief when it came out and she bandaged me up.  My arm felt numb for the rest of the day, and I shuffled over to the refreshment station to rest and get some fluids and snacks in my body.  Donating blood apparently kills 600+ calories, but I'm sure I gained them all back when I munched on the goodies. 

I kept the bandage on for maybe 6 hours, and was a bit sad when my nail polish got peeled off.  As for the finger pricks, they still feel a bruising and sharp pain when there is too much pressure applied to them (even though it's Sunday, 4 days later).  Still, I'm really proud that I was able to go through the process without bursting in tears.  Speaking of which, I never did mention why I donated did I?  Even though I really had to force myself to go through with it, I know it was worth it.  I figured that it is very possible for myself or a loved one to need a blood transfusion one day, and so I would work up some good karma towards that.  Even if it's not necessary, knowing that my clean, disease-free blood would save a life.  It's a great thought to ponder over while eating doughnuts at the refreshment station.  BloodSource comes to my school once a quarter, and if I'm not suffering complications, I'll be sure to do it again when I have the chance.

Tell me: would you consider giving blood? If you have done it before, what was your experience like?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Giveaway Alert! BeautyAmbition's 600 Followers Contest!

WOW! 600 Followers! Congratulations, Evelyn!  I'm still waiting for the day I hit 100 LOL!  But that's all due in time! Anyways, The beautiful Evelyn is hosting a contest to celebrate and the prize is....(drum roll please)....

(picture from Evelyn's blog)

Go to her blog here to find how out you can enter! Good luck all!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010 [Picture Heavy!]

So this post is loooong due but I thought I'd tell you guys about my Halloween.  It wasn't too eventful but I volunteered with an organization for a children's Halloween party they were throwing.  There were games, snacks, drinks, Halloween costume contests, and all that good stuff.  I volunteered to do face painting, and I used some makeup that I never actually use.  I also drew up some templates that I didn't have time to color.  For once, I'm glad that I did not spend too much time on the templates because not very many kids showed up.  The advertising for the event didn't go too well, which is a shame because there was a lot of cool stuff.  Here are some pictures that I do have from the event.  I dressed up as a witch :D I was originally going to be a vampire but people said I looked more like a witch so *poof* that's what I became.  I wore glasses instead of my contacts because I wore them the previous night and my left eye got scratched and got kinda irritated.

Let's start with outfits and makeup....
The night before Halloween. I went to a party lol.

I got bored waiting for the kids to come to me so I added to my outfit. Yes, I forgot to lotion my legs.

 Me with a cute puppy trying to escape my grasp. =(

Some pics from the end of the night.

My bling. The glove is actually a cut up pair of tights.

Nails of the night: OPI I'm with Brad.

Some flames I drew on my chest.  Didn't use a primer and they faded by the end of night.

My book of spells aka a book locket from H&M.

Jordana lip liner in Plush Plum and E.L.F. Studio lipstick in Cheerful Cherry

I look like I'm not wearing mascara because I was in such a hurry that I didn't realize my beloved tube of L'oreal Extra Collagen Mascara was empty.

My earrangsssss....

My shoes :]

My toes. Exciting, I know.
 And now finally some pictures from the actual event!

Oh I love this dog. I hope everyone had a safe but fun-filled Halloween! Get Halloween candy on sale while you still can!!!