Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Try editing your videos in public.....

So I got out of class not too long ago, but I'm staying on campus because my roommate is performing the harp in the music building in a little bit, and there wasn't much point to going home and back.  Since I don't have any of textbooks with me, I decided it would be a good time to edit my video for a holiday look tutorial (coming up soon hopefully!). You know how weird it is editing my videos and cropping my pictures in a public library?  People who walk by and glance at my screen probably think I'm a narcissist for looking at pictures and watching videos of myself. WEIRD, but oddly amusing haha.  I wanted to take a discreet picture of the setting I'm in right now, but a girl just sat down at the table I was sitting at and I don't want to weird her out.  Instead I'll just show you some pictures off the school website. 

The library is actually quite huge.

Here's a picture of the entrance. 

What is that thing in front of the library, you ask? It's one of the many eggheads on campus.  Each one is in a different position.  If you rub it before a final or a midterm, it's supposed to bring you good luck.

Ok, there's your tourist destination of the day.  I haven't even finished cropping the pictures for the look yet.  Booooooo!

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