Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010 [Picture Heavy!]

So this post is loooong due but I thought I'd tell you guys about my Halloween.  It wasn't too eventful but I volunteered with an organization for a children's Halloween party they were throwing.  There were games, snacks, drinks, Halloween costume contests, and all that good stuff.  I volunteered to do face painting, and I used some makeup that I never actually use.  I also drew up some templates that I didn't have time to color.  For once, I'm glad that I did not spend too much time on the templates because not very many kids showed up.  The advertising for the event didn't go too well, which is a shame because there was a lot of cool stuff.  Here are some pictures that I do have from the event.  I dressed up as a witch :D I was originally going to be a vampire but people said I looked more like a witch so *poof* that's what I became.  I wore glasses instead of my contacts because I wore them the previous night and my left eye got scratched and got kinda irritated.

Let's start with outfits and makeup....
The night before Halloween. I went to a party lol.

I got bored waiting for the kids to come to me so I added to my outfit. Yes, I forgot to lotion my legs.

 Me with a cute puppy trying to escape my grasp. =(

Some pics from the end of the night.

My bling. The glove is actually a cut up pair of tights.

Nails of the night: OPI I'm with Brad.

Some flames I drew on my chest.  Didn't use a primer and they faded by the end of night.

My book of spells aka a book locket from H&M.

Jordana lip liner in Plush Plum and E.L.F. Studio lipstick in Cheerful Cherry

I look like I'm not wearing mascara because I was in such a hurry that I didn't realize my beloved tube of L'oreal Extra Collagen Mascara was empty.

My earrangsssss....

My shoes :]

My toes. Exciting, I know.
 And now finally some pictures from the actual event!

Oh I love this dog. I hope everyone had a safe but fun-filled Halloween! Get Halloween candy on sale while you still can!!!

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