Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eye Candy

Hey everyone~

In the past few months I have been accumulating quite a bit of makeup.  As a blogger of course, I try to take pictures of new products before actually using them so that I have a clean product to show you guys.  Unfortunately, the makeup is piling up and the blog posts most definitely have not been being written.  I thought I'd try to shame myself by gathering all the BRAND NEW IN BOX (unopened and sealed) products I had purchased in the last few months and take pictures in hopes that I will remind myself how much stuff I have.  Here are the results:

Terrifying yet glorious at the same time, right?  The plan completely backfired.  I got more excited about the new goodies I had to play with and only feel ever so slightly ashamed.  Problematic.

In case you guys were wondering, some of the products are for my kit, some are products that I need, some I'm not sure if I want to keep, but all of it was acquired to satisfy my sick lust for makeup.

And let's not even go through the brand new, unboxed makeup I have lying around.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hair, hair, everywhere!

Aloha ladies and germs~

I'm not particularly proud of my inconsistent blogging right now.  I have so much stuff to share with you guys but I'm pretty busy.  It's hard to admit but blogging consistently is pretty difficult to do when I have such a small audience.  I wonder sometimes how many people this little blog actually reaches.  There's a little voice inside me that's kicking my butt to continue taking pictures and writing posts so I just have to keep on trucking.

In any case, I want to share with you some of the things I've been doing.  I've done a few shows in the past month but it's a process waiting for pictures to come in.  I've been doing a bit of hairstyling though and I have some pictures from the days I actually remember to bring my camera AND take pictures.

I cut and blew out a friend's hair at the salon last week.  I ran after her with my camera as she left the salon because I forgot to take a picture while she was actually sitting in my chair.  That's the wind beating up the curls and blowing them off to the side, so no, my haircut symmetry was not off.

I also partnered up with Laly Designs and MUA Kristine Rose to do hairstyling during their Fashion Friday nights.  It's a weekly event where people come to The Station in San Francisco for free wine, free makeup and hairstyling, and to shop for clothes.  If you're in the bay area, feel free to swing by Fridays at 6pm!

Here are some of the styles I did.  Seems like most women just want to keep it simple.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.  Let me know if you'd like to see more hairstyling posts!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hey ladies and gents~

I did makeup and hair for a bride back in July.  I just got the pictures in last week and I'm a little bummed that I didn't get some closeups of the makeup and hair but I wanted to show you what I did have.  Enjoy!