Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eye Candy

Hey everyone~

In the past few months I have been accumulating quite a bit of makeup.  As a blogger of course, I try to take pictures of new products before actually using them so that I have a clean product to show you guys.  Unfortunately, the makeup is piling up and the blog posts most definitely have not been being written.  I thought I'd try to shame myself by gathering all the BRAND NEW IN BOX (unopened and sealed) products I had purchased in the last few months and take pictures in hopes that I will remind myself how much stuff I have.  Here are the results:

Terrifying yet glorious at the same time, right?  The plan completely backfired.  I got more excited about the new goodies I had to play with and only feel ever so slightly ashamed.  Problematic.

In case you guys were wondering, some of the products are for my kit, some are products that I need, some I'm not sure if I want to keep, but all of it was acquired to satisfy my sick lust for makeup.

And let's not even go through the brand new, unboxed makeup I have lying around.

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  1. Nice!!! Can't wait to see your reviews for all those MUFE products. :)