Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Experiment: Olive Oil as Makeup Remover

I think many of us have been in the blogging/vlogging beauty community long enough that we've heard of the bagillion ways olive oil can be useful--including for makeup removal.

Well it just so happens that I completely ran out of makeup remover the other day.  I thought I had a back up bottle but apparently not.  Right now the only makeup remover I will use is the Target brand because it is dirt cheap and works better than a lot of more expensive options.  As I don't live near a Target anymore, I couldn't run out and buy some so for a couple of weeks I opted for olive oil that I had lying around the house.

Let's just start with some pictures, shall we?



Just to specifiy, I used the olive oil for eye makeup removal only.  That includes my super duper waterproof and long wearing Inglot gel eyeliner, waterproof mascara, and eyeshadows over a primer.  

So is olive oil as good as my trusty Up and Up Oil-free Makeup Remover by Target?  

Well, no.  As you can see, there are still some bits of black on my face.  To be fair though, it is a very good Plan B and is efficient enough.  I did end up using more oil and more cotton rounds to remove all my eye makeup.  Getting all the waterproof mascara off is definitely a lot more time consuming and tedious, and feeling all that greasiness on my face and fingers is quite off putting.  I used maybe 4 or 5 cotton rounds to get the makeup off, as opposed to my usual 2 or 3.

So what happens then?  Well, I ordered 10 bottles of the makeup remover on Target's website only to have them all spill inside the box so I had to drive out to a Target and exchange them anyway.  I've learned my lesson.  I will never run out of makeup remover again!


  1. I agree, this would only be plan B for me if I ever run out of makeup remover. I can't see myself using this kind of oil on my face unless I absolutely have to.

  2. I've used jojoba oil for a makeup remover before! It left my skin really soft and it never clogged my pores, but I ended up feeling like I just had makeup suspended in oil on my face, so I went back to washing my face and then just using the oil as a moisturizer... Oh well, it's a good option to have!

  3. I use it in a pinch and find it really effective, but I hate the smell on my skin!


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