Sunday, February 3, 2013

My First Film Gig

The day before I flew out to Quebec, I was part of a team of makeup artists working on a short film called "Three Men and a Laptop."  The film is about how it is abnormal to date people online and some other stuff. As somebody who is in a long distance relationship as a result of meeting someone online, you can probably guess how I feel about that.  That in itself is a highly debatable subject anyway.  But it matters not because I was there for the makeup and that's that.

I was lucky enough to do makeup for the leading lady, one of the male leads, and some extras.  It was too crazy and hectic for me to take pictures of myself at work or the cast members I did makeup on.  I did snap a few pics of the scenes of the lounge, the makeup station, and myself with some of the MUAs on set.

My view from the makeup station.

You can see those bright bright movie lights.

The dinky makeup table shared between 4 MUAs.

2 of the MUAs (and former classmates!) and me
Overall, it was definitely an eye opening experience.  Doing makeup for film is much more different than any other gigs I've done before.  There is a constant need for retouching makeup as it tends to melt under the harsh lights.  I rarely do makeup for guys and I definitely lacked the supplies for it.  It was also rather difficult to work in such a tight space with such dim lighting.  I understand that as a freelance artists I may be called to work in less than ideal settings, but for a film...that's pushing it a bit since the camera tends to pick up all imperfections.  All in all I have learned a lot and I aim to be much better prepared next time.

In addition to more makeup, I intend on bringing my own table and some of my own lighting next time.  Anybody have tips or tricks to share?


  1. WOW. My co-workers and friends keep telling me I should get into the makeup industry and seeing the behind the scene stuff is too intense for me. I don't think I can handle it, lol.

  2. Oh my, they certainly didn't give you much room at all! It must have been rather difficult to do a decent job!