Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Official: My Beauty Buying Ban

Now, I've been on these kinds of bans on and off, and I found that I am able to control myself best when I am not stressed.  Before I go into the details of this time's buying ban, let me briefly go through my history of beauty buying bans.

I want to say maybe about a year ago when Project 10 Pan was floating around, I decided to have a go at it.  If you haven't heard about this before, it's when you are restricted from buying any beauty products until you have finished 10 products in their entirety.  I am ashamed to report that I lasted 2.5 weeks and didn't finish a single product.

The next ban was during the summer of 2010, from mid-August till the Christmas collections started coming out.  I was very good with the ban during the summer, when school was still out and I did not have to stress about anything in particular.  Once school started and got rolling around early October, I started stressing out again and felt impulses to buy makeup.  Granted, I was not successful during this period, but I instead of quitting my ban altogether when I did succumb to making a purchase, I continued the ban the best I could.  I don't remember how many times I broke the ban, but I don't think it was any more than three.

This time, I started my ban recently.  I don't think it was at the beginning of the year, but within the first couple of January.  I think right away, I broke it when I decided to purchase Urban Decay's 15 Anniversary eyeliner set (which arrived today! I'll be doing swatches later!).  I've been debating over whether or not to purchase this ever since it came out, and I did want it quite badly.  I paid less than $90 for the entire set with the VIB discount, which amounts to less than $6 for each full-sized eyeliner that usually retails for $17.  I'm a huge eyeliner junkie and I use colored liners quite often, so it is definitely a good investment.  However, I daresay I won't be purchasing any more eyeliners soon.

In any case, here are the conditions of my ban:
-NO makeup or other unnecessary beauty purchases.  Lotion and shampoo are not included.
-I'm allowed to replace mascara and black eyeliners.
-This ban will last until mid-March.  Stop for one week (I'm heading to Canada again, but my spending will still be limited.  Just not as limited.).  After that, it will continue till June.
-Brushes are ok.  I recently gave away some to my boyfriend's mom, and my sister has a set of my brushes as well so I'm pretty low on those.
-Giftcard purchases are ok.  I still have a Sephora giftcard! Now I just have to find it...
-Steals from stores like TJ Max are ok within reason.
-Gifts for others are okay as well.  So a way I could get around this is by doing a swap (not anytime soon though).

I think this is just about it.  In the past couple of weeks, I've been digging through my stash and rediscovering things.  I think I have more than enough to blog about till June, and I really want to enjoy what I have purchased.

I've typed this entire blog during class, which is about to end soon.  I'll see you folks later! Take care, all!


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