Friday, January 21, 2011


My sister went to Las Vegas last weekend with some friends.  It took me a few days to register but a couple days before going it suddenly hit me that MY SISTER WAS GOING TO VEGAS. HOLY SHIT VEGAS. HOME OF NOT *ONE* BUT *TWO INGLOT STORES!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I ALMOST DIED.  No I didn't.  But I did contact her right away via facebook asking her to get me some things at Inglot.  Then I immediately hop onto to find the 10 colors I want in my 10-pan eyeshadow palette and write down all the numbers.  I think on that same day, I decided to buy the Urban Decay 15 Anniversary collection of eyeliners after much debate.  And thus, I decided to let go of Inglot for another day....

Well, my sister decided to buy me some Inglot goodies anyway.  Here is what she got:
You should have seen me dancing around the house when I saw this.  And not just once.  I left it on the table because I didn't have time to play with them but I wanted to keep them by me, and so every time I walked past my new toys, I started dancing with joy like an idiot.  My sister instantly regretted not getting me the 10-pan palette lol.  What you see is a waterproof mascara, and a 4-pan palette from their Freedom System.  The palette was what I was really freaking excited about haha.  Inglot has some original eyeshadows where they have a matte color with explosions of fine, multi-colored glitter in it.  They are freaking amazing.  I don't have swatches in this post because I wanted to save them for an overall swatch/review sort of blog and video.

Which brings me to my rant.

I've been eyeing and lusting and crying for Inglot products ever since I've first seen Koren (of EnKoreMakeup) do a video tour of the Inglot in NYC.  Seriously.  The way I was lusting over their makeup wasn't pretty.  And so my boyfriend found out about this, and realized there were 3 Inglot stores where he lived.  THREE.  Can you say unfair?  So a little more than a year ago, I received my first Inglot palette.  I nearly had a heart attack.  If you watch some of my videos, you may have seen them featured in tutorials.  I love love love them to death.  More than when I first found out about the company.

So that was a year ago.  When I went to Canada last December, I had planned to do an exclusive and thorough informational video/blog on Inglot, since I had no access to the store near where I live in California (although I heard they just opened one in OC but that's still too far away).  Then before I get a chance to do that, all these big, popular gurus on Youtube start popping up raving about Inglot eyeshadows.  Now I KNOW that they have done nothing wrong in doing so, in fact they are in their every right, but I really felt like I've been kicked down.  I have so much STUFF to share to people about Inglot and because other gurus beat me to it, I'm going to look like a copycat.  Maybe I'm petty but I don't know....I've put a lot of work into getting the information and products in the first place.  Heck I had to have other people fly the products to me in the first place.  But yeah, that's what I'm a bit upset about.  Inglot used to be pretty much never heard of amongst the Youtube beauty community.  Trust me I know.  I searched and searched and only found Koren's video and 2 haul videos.  Now they're popping up all over the place like a disease and I really do think it's the influence of the big gurus out there. 

Now, you may ask, exactly what work did I put in Inglot in the first place? I just have the makeup!  You're wrong. Wrong I tell you.  With a big slice of moldy cheese.  I had to call a representative a number of times to get permission film inside an Inglot store and take pictures.  This same representative offered to do a text interview, which I am still waiting on.  This was all going to be a surprise, but I guess there's no point anymore since it's been about a month already. 

If you made it this far into reading this blog entry, I salute you, and thank you for making it this far.  I think I'll end this entry with what informational stuff you may expect in regards to Inglot:

-How to order
-Swatches: Eyeshadows, lipsticks, and nail polish
-General product information
-Touring inside Inglot
-Other information on Inglot (History, sales, rewards, etc)

Meanwhile, I have just finished filming 3 videos which I hope to edit and upload VERY soon.  I like to accompany my videos with blog posts because I know personally, I prefer reading the information most of the time as opposed to watching a video.  I hope you will all stay tuned.

Much love and much relieved after my rant,


  1. Can't wait for your videos, I just subscribed! I think your hard work will pay off! Don't worry :)

  2. You're a doll, Ali =) I think you may be the first person to read this entire rant/post. I appreciate your kind comments!