Tuesday, May 7, 2013

OCC Lip Tar in Narcissus

I've been spending all my blogging time on the Blog Everyday in May Challenge that I've been neglecting my blog for what I created it for: beauty.  I do apologize about that.

Now, normally I would consider this a FOTD post but I've had these pictures for so long that I actually can't remember what makeup products I used.  It's nothing special--just a daytime look with neutral shadows, winged eyeliner, and bright bright lips.

I remember spending the day at home with family when I did this look, so I had been searching for a neutral lipcolor to apply.  I also really wanted to use one of my lip tars because I have a pretty extensive collection and hardly give them any love.  For some odd reason, I thought Narcissus would be a good choice.

Or not.  It looks much more muted in these photos but I remember looking like Nicki Minaj in person.

Sorry for mugging you guys.  I am still taking pictures of myself in a mirror and trying to get used to my new camera.  

Nonetheless, I really like this color!  I really want to wear it to work but the last time I wore a lip tar to work it bled outside my lips and I don't have the luxury of being able to touch it up.  Problematic.

Is this color up anyone else's alley?

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