Friday, December 14, 2012

Photoshoot @ Academy of Art, SF

Hey everyone!

I just came back from a photoshoot and I wanted to do a real quick post and share the experiences with you guys.  My friend Kristine was kind enough to bring me along for this shoot.  For a change, I did hair only.  I was a little sad about not being able to do makeup, but not too much.  It lets me be more focused and lug a lighter kit over to San Francisco.

The shoot was a huge collaboration amongst the San Francisco Academy of Art students, some designers, models, and photographers.  It was overall a fab experience because the models were really nice and chill, and the photographer took some great shots.  Can't wait to see the real thing!

1st Model: Theresa

Kristine, Theresa, and me

What the set looked like.

Tag teaming.  Cut the prep time in half.

Loooove this shot!

Touching up hair on set.

2nd model: Elle.  60s/Twiggy messy updo

Behind the scenes in the dressing room

L-R: Me, Kristine, Elle, design student, photographer Yesmenia

On a totally different note, my heart goes out to the families of the 20 children and 7 faculty members killed in today's elementary school shooting.  Nobody should have to go through such a horrific loss.


Here's a little preview and behind the scenes video from the shoot!

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  1. Ooh exciting! Everybody looks fabulous, it sounds like it was a fun event! Speaking of hair... You once mentioned you might have some tips for me to cut down on frizzy/ fluffy hair? I'm having nightmares about hating my hair, I will take any and all advice you may have for me!