Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Product Spotlight: Lancome Cover Fever Lipstick in Rose Tempest

Bonsoir loves~

I'm starting a new series that features limited edition or discontinued items.  I am an absolute sucker for limited edition items so I usually fall into cosmetic company's marketing traps, haha!  I have a small collection of such items that I love dearly so it would be a shame not to talk about them!  In this sense, my "product spotlight" series are essentially reviews of these products.  These may be useful if you run into them on ebay or at your local CCO. 

I'm not too much of a lipstick person, mainly because I don't like going through the trouble of reapplying it all day long, and I don't want to be caught with blotchy color on my lips in case I don't remember to reapply.  However, I really do love how the lip color pulls a look all together and makes it look truly "finished."  Lancome's Rose Tempest has been doing just that for me.  I've been using it a lot lately for my blue and green based looks, and the warm pinky nude does a fab job of complimenting those colors. 

As much as I love writing in block text, I think my ramblings are a lot more readable if I break it up a bit.  

This lipstick packaging seems to run a little bit shorter than most brands of lipsticks, but the amount of product is roughly the same as most lipsticks.  There is 0.14oz (4g) of product inside the tube, just a touch more than MAC lipsticks.  The packaging is rectangular and features mirrored surfaces with the exception of two reddish purple tinted sides.  You could totally use the cap as a mirror while applying the lipstick.

 Size comparison.  Featured from left to right: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick, Lancome's Rose Tempest, MAC Viva Glam Lipstick

You're bound to get a lot of fingerprints on this baby if you reach for it as often as I do.  But that's not a biggie for me.

The 5 Senses:
As I said before, this is a gorgeous warm pink, a bit like a nude but with a burst of pink color.  I love how this is not Lady Gaga bright, and is perfectly wearable while still brightening.  Looks great with any neutral look, but I especially love it with blue and green eye looks.  This lipstick has a cream finish, and applies very smoothly.  It will set into your the lines on your lips, but it's nothing a little blotting can't handle.  I usually just swipe it on once and blot very lightly.  Love the smell of the lipstick.  It has a light berry scent to it which makes applying this lipstick a real experience.  I'm happy to report that the product itself is tasteless, and when I do taste anything it will be the day when this lipstick goes bad.  That probably won't happen because I really love it and aim to finish the whole thing.  Its lasting power is not too amazing, as it is very creamy, but it will hold for a good few hours without eating or drinking before another application is necessary.

My bare lips

Rose Tempest, no blotting

 With flash: Swatched once on the left and 4 times on the right

Without flash

Overall thoughts:
Love this lipstick.  It's creamy.  It smells good. I can swipe it on and run out the door.  This was actually the lipstick which got me into higher end brands of lipsticks, because I once told myself that drugstore lipsticks would be sufficient for me.  I still love my cheap lippies, but there is something about putting on a high quality lipstick that I really love.  Call me shallow.  I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out =(

Anybody else out there stuck on a lipstick that they can't replace? Tell me about it! Misery loves company!


P.S. I know my reviews can get kind of lengthy.  Please let me know if you prefer short, concise thoughts in bullet form. Thanks!

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  1. I like the review the way it is :)
    The lipstick looks great! I love high end branded lipsticks too :$ xx