Friday, December 24, 2010

Sephora's Current 500 Point Bonus: Full sized Coralista Blush + Mini BadGal Mascara!

Hey babes~

If you guys are Beauty Insiders at Sephora, you probably know that you can redeem your purchase points for deluxe samples (100 points) or something that is supposed to be super awesome (500 points).  These items are always changing, so I tend to save my points until I find something I really like.  Right now, Sephora is offering a FULL SIZE Benefit Coralista Blush ($28 Value) plus a mini version of their famous mascara.  The mascara doesn't do too much for me but I've always wanted to try the Coralista blush but shuddered at shelling out nearly $30 for a blush.  This offer may be online only, or may only be limited to certain Sephora stores.  The Sephora I was at in St. Bruno, Quebec offered a completely different 500 point gift, so do your research first!

Personally, I think I'm just grabbing the Coralista blush because there is so much hype about it.  The swatches look pretty enough but I'm not sure it will be one that I'll reach for everyday.  In any case, it's free so we'll just have to see!

Peace and makeup,

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