Thursday, December 2, 2010

In the name of procrastination....

So I have tons upon tons of reading to do right now, but of course, that's always the best time to do random stuff.  For me, I just went through some old pictures and found some pictures that my old roommate took of me when I was attempting an awesome makeup look.  Not that it was actually awesome but I tried, ok?  My former roommate (and childhood friend) had just recently invested in one of those ridiculously sexy Canon cameras, and was testing it out on me.  Just thought I'd share some of them.  But please don't mind the hair.  I was trying out bangs at the time and they're impossible to clip up and out of the way.

The finished look?
 Yeah yeah I know. Why so serious?

Not my best work but it was a whole lot of fun. Back to work I go!


  1. That looks really pretty! I love the colours you put together! x

  2. I see the way you combine the two color .. the way you apply it in your face !! you know you have a skill.. I know your a great fasionista...

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