Tuesday, December 21, 2010

End of blogging hiatus and updates (picture heavy!)

Hey babes~

I extended my hiatus a bit, because I've been more emotionally high than I had expected.  I had originally wanted to continue focusing on my blogging and tutorial making during my trip, but when you only see your significant other twice a year, it's usually difficult to focus on anything else.  That will be a story for another day.  I did go on many cosmetic "quests." I had been greatly anticipating this trip not only to see my beloved but also because there are tons of brands available in the Canada but not in the U.S. (or very difficult to access). These brands included Gosh, Quo, Lise Watier, Annabelle, and Inglot.  I did not purchase nearly as much as I wanted to due to mainly budget restraints, but I did plenty of goodies...for now.  I went to MANY different stores in search for the Lise Watier Diamond Palette which was part of their holiday collection, but it had apparently sold out within a week and impossible to find anywhere.  I looked at mainly the eyeshadows in their collection, and I really regret not taking a better look at their lipsticks which look absolutely beautiful.  I picked up a gloss from Quo, and was gifted a small eyeshadow palette from my boyfriend's younger sister.  I also picked up an interesting bronzer from Gosh, and some items from Marcelle.  My biggest splurge was at Inglot, which I will be doing a very extensive video and blog on.  I wanted to grab some things from Annabelle as well, particularly their eyeshadows, but they weren't nearly as pigmented as I had expected.  I wanted to pick up some eyeshadows from some of the other brands as well but they were colors I already owned.  I'll have pictures and swatches of everything coming up very soon.  For now, I have a few pictures from my trip to share =)

Sadly, I didn't get a chance to check out the shops that you do see, as they were taken way after the shops closed.  Most of the pictures you see are from Downtown Montreal, Quebec.

Back to the topic of makeup blogging: I know I had promised certain videos, but I severely lacked time and my initial models for the makeup tutorials decided otherwise.  I'll work on being more persuasive, but currently the makeup tutorials for middle aged women and teens are out, as well as the makeup look my boyfriend was supposed to do for me.

I am utterly exhausted, as I still have not completely recovered physically and emotionally from the trip.  I hope you are all doing great in light of the holiday season, and I'll talk to you all very soon.


P.S.  I am currently on a huge spending ban due to financial constraints.  Besides gift shopping for others and items that I will actually need, I am absolutely NOT ALLOWED to buy anything for myself (especially makeup!).  If you hear about me buying something or see me feature new purchases in a blog, make sure you flog me for it.

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