Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My 1st Set of Acrylic French Tips

My friend and former classmate, Diane (a licensed nail tech), offered to do my nails waayyyyy back in November 2012 in return for letting her interview me about being a makeup artist for a report we had to write.  I never had a chance to share these which is a crime because I LOVED how they turned out.

My natural nails are short, squarish, and stubby to begin with. I really loved how the tips made my fingers look so much longer.

Since I work part time at a restaurant I couldn't keep these babies on for very long, and I can't really get them again until I quit that job.  I did get paranoid about dirt and makeup getting stuck under the nails so I cleaned them frequently with some cotton and alcohol. Other than that it wasn't too difficult to do every tasks.

What do you guys think?  Would you ever get acrylic nails?  Had them before?  How did you like them?


  1. wow. these are gorgeous! i had acrylic once but i hated it cause the lady did a horrible job. i would get it again though since I do have a manicurist now.

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