Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inglot's Return Policy

I have never been disappointed by a makeup store/company's return policy before, so I thought I would do a post specifically regarding INGLOT.  For how big it is, this company by far has the worst return policy that I have come across.  Maybe it is because I have been spoiled by stores such as Nordstrom and Sephora that have fantastic return policies, but some of the things within INGLOT's return policy just don't make sense.

Let me break it down for you:

Inglot will accept returns only on unopened products, whether you purchase them online or in store.  If you do purchase them  in store, you must return the items to the store where you made your purchase.  And you must do so within 15 days of your purchase date.

This is all fine and good, but this is what gets me--there are no returns on freedom system items or any purchases with pro discounts.  My sister went to Las Vegas (where they have 3 Inglots now!) last weekend and I sent her with a short wishlist. I asked for some AMC lip pencils, and some freedom system blushes.  My sister gave the SA my list, and she returned home with the AMC lip pencils and some freedom system eyeshadows instead of blushes.  I called the store immediately asking if I could send the eyeshadows in for a refund or exchange, but they would do neither of their strict return policy.  This really bugged me because the items were still brand new, intact, and perfectly fine.  The manager did offer free shipping on the blushes I originally wanted if I were to make another purchase, which I did take up.

So what now?  I'm still a little pissed off.  I love the products the company has to offer but to keep their customers happy, there should definitely be more slack in their return policy.  I'm hoping things will change as they continue to expand.  Speaking of expanding, an Inglot counter has popped up in San Francisco's Macy's, so I will be checking that out when I can.  As for the eyeshadows I didn't want, I already have those colors, so I will probably be giving those away.

Am I overreacting?  What are your thoughts on Inglot's return policy?


  1. I think that's bull that they wouldn't let you return the eyeshadows if they were unopened, since it was their SAs fault you got eyeshadows instead of blushes. And to make people return things to the store where they bought them, when they only have a handful of stores in the country? STUPID.

    Even though we can't return cosmetics in Australia, if you buy something else from a chain store they generally let you return it at a different location, provided you have the receipt. Given that you guys have it so good with cosmetics return policies, it doesn't make sense that Inglot would be so screwy :(

    Anyway, you could always do a blog sale for your palette. I'm sure a lot of people would be interested since Inglot can be so hard to get!

  2. I saw their return policy posted when I was in their store in Vegas, and was a bit surprised by it; I've worked retail for more years than I care to count, and in my experience, bad return policies are a result of people abusing the system, and a company's efforts to keep cost to a minimum so other people don't pay to make up for others' dishonesty. I'm disappointed by Inglot's return policy, but it won't keep me from shopping with them, although I have to say, I checked and double-checked my purchase as the SA was ringing it up and before I left the store just in case. And guess what? She did screw up! She left something out (which I guess wouldn't have incurred the wrath of the return policy to correct... but still). In this case, I guess they have no way to check your story about the SA screwing up, but that is disappointing that they didn't try harder to correct a mistake made on their end.

    Hmm. You say there's an Inglot store in SF now, really... Lucky me, the semester just started up and I'll be driving there weekly again! Union Square, here I come... :D

  3. I don't think you're over-reacting. Not only were the products unopened, but they were incorrect due to the sales assistant grabbing the wrong products. The company should have accepted the return and corrected their error.

  4. Hello! I am dropping you a note to let you know that I tagged you in the 11 questions post:)

    xoxo Pinkie:)

  5. I understand your frustration and I agree with you for being upset but what can you do, right? I had a somewhat similar situation with an online Sephora order that I got free shipping because I spent over 50 and got a VIB discount but received the wrong product. When I went to the store, they didn't have the correct product in stock so they refunded me the amount for the wrong product and had me reorder the correct product that they sent wrong and told me that I would get free shipping; however, they refused to give me the discount that I had originaly had because the customer service said he could only enter "one" coupon code and it's either gonna have to be the free shipping or the 15% discount, even if the error was on their part. Yes, that was BS and horrible customer service but still happens even with stores like Sephora which supposely have good return policy.

  6. i understand you but i think it's because there's a lot of messy people and what if you'd bought a freedom shadow that's all messed up because someone else before you had returned it. at least that's how i think they're seeing on this, or maybe they just have bad experience on returns, who knows?/Azure

  7. LAME. It was their mistake, you even gave them a list. Also, if it was unopened, what is the big deal?? Sephora takes back stuff that you've tried on already so this seems rather ridiculous.

  8. Urgggh don't get me started on Inglots crusty return policy. First the staff aren't well trained and give the wrong info. I bought nail polished advertised by the employee as "water permeable", they were not and thus I went to return them. On the first visit I was told that they only do returns with the supervisor present and since she wouldn't be back till the following day, back home I went. SUCH AN INCONVENICE as a mother of two small babies. Then I come back the following day only for the supervisor to tell me she's very sorry, the employee was new and advertised the polish incorrectly, and should have advertised it as "breathable" not "water permeable". Then they sent me back home with no refund.