Saturday, February 25, 2012

OCC & Sephora VIB NARS Haul

It hasn't been officially announced yet but I'm on a bit of a makeup buying ban and Project 10 Pan sort of thing.  I have to do a massive post about that later.

Meanwhile, here are things that I have purchased before deciding on the aforementioned commitments.  OCC had this really awesome set on sale for Valentine's Day.  I've never tried lip tars before, and as a set, they were much cheaper than if I were to purchase them each individually ($50 as opposed to $67).  I also threw in a white lip tar for mixing purposes.

Lip Tars in Feathered, Harlot, Stalker, Pretty Boy, and Pageant
Pink and Red Glitter

Sephora also had a GWP recently for VIB members featuring a little NARS goodie bag.  Their traincases also dropped from $90 to $59 so I decided it would be a good investment.

The only reason I opted for a pink one was because black and silver seemed kind of boring.  But now seeing this pink one in person, it's a bit too girly for my tastes.  I'm too lazy to return it so I guess I'm stuck with it.

As for the NARS goodie bag, it included a mini Laguna Bronzer, a mini Orgasm illuminator, and a mini eyeshadow primer.  I'm most excited about the illuminator!

I'm sure most of you are curious about the lip tars.  I haven't worn them yet, as I haven't found an appropriate time for it, but I will let you know how it goes!


  1. Haha, they totally got me with that VIB set, too! I also opted for Orgasm over Copacabana. I've been using it as a cream blush; I haven't worked up the nerve to mix it into my foundation yet, but I'd like to try it that way, next! I'm excited to see how you end up liking the lip tars, I've heard a lot that makes me very interested in the product, but it's very hard for me to imagine the texture based on descriptions I've read and pictures I've seen.

  2. Ooooh I can't wait to see you use NARS Laguna and the Orgasm Illuminator. :D

  3. ooooh! haven't used my occ tarts for so long so this was a very good reminder! and your colours were soooo explosive! want to have them!
    so nice hauling here haha!
    also, check out our blog since there's an award for you there!/Azure

  4. Can't wait to see the lip tars! I have one, but it is green so it doesn't get worn too often.