Saturday, January 7, 2012

Swatches: Inglot Part II

It's that time again!  Here is another round of Inglot eyeshadow swatches.  My sister got this palette for me January 2010 on her last trip to Las Vegas.  She picked 4 colors within the same color family, which is pretty smart seeing as how my own scatter brain tends to pick colors from all over the place.

Swatches were done on bare skin with one swipe of the finger.  Pictures were taken in natural day light.

440P is a light, shimmery carnation pink.  It is definitely one of the least pigmented of the four.

D.S. 482 is a shimmery, deep blue purple.

AMC Shine 14 is a lovely blue based pink.

420 P is an interesting sort of metallic, purple-toned taupe.

I have to hand it to my sister, she had a pretty good eye for colors.  No bad eggs in this palette!

And if you're curious, I have done a FOTD featuring these colors here.


  1. All of these are gorgeous, but 420 is my favorite, I love weird taupes like this! I have a very similar color already in a theBalm palette, but man, I am still so tempted!

  2. 482 looks great. I need to rearrange my inglot pans, and look up my numbers!//Azure

  3. I love Inglot!! Nice swatches :)

    I tagged you in the Top 10 Beauty Awards!
    You can read more about it here:
    Have a nice day! ♥

  4. Nice colors. I really like how 420P looks.