Saturday, January 14, 2012

Swatches: Inglot Part III

Another gift from another friend.  I put this palette together myself while I was with my friend Tony in Vegas.  When I went to pay for the palette, he stuck my wallet in his pants and paid for it.  Talk about guerilla tactics.

Pictures are taken in natural day light.

As always, swatches are on bare skin and with one swipe of the finger.

-395P: A shimmery light beige.  Perfect lid color for day looks or inner corner highlight for more dramatic looks.  Also makes a great cheek highlight.

-422P: Shimmery medium brown.

-DS 459:  A color I can't quite decipher.  It's a bit like a cross between a deep brown and eggplant.

-DS 500: A shimmery deep grey brown.

-AMC Shine 47: A metallic, almost frosty, slate grey with some blue hues.

This is definitely one of my go to palettes for creating my neutral smoky looks.  It's not complete but I tend to dip into this palette quite a bit.

If you've got your hands on some Inglot eyeshadows, do let me know what your favorite neutral colors are.  I really want to expand on my collection (eventually!).


  1. Gorgeous palette! I need to go to an Inglot store right now... Good thing the nearest one is in Vegas! (Wait, that's not the closest one? Shush!)

  2. I love Inglot Freedom System but I have come to the conclusion that when I use one from Inglot it's better to use a sticky primer underneath them to really bring out the pigment. I really like the colours you picked out. Hm, maybe Azure and I should make a post showing ours?

  3. I was going to say that these colours would be perfect for neutral smokey looks but it seems that you have realized that already! Damn, I can't wait to get my hands on some Inglot!