Thursday, January 5, 2012

New hair, newer hair, and FOTD

A few weeks ago, I had my friend bleach my hair for me.  Not all of it, mind you.  I originally only wanted peekaboos (two strands on my nape), but I didn't want to waste the bleach so I had all the hair in my nape area bleached.  This is the first time I've changed my hair color in any shape or form so it was a big step for me.  I absolutely loved the way it looked and I wish I had bleached more of my hair.  Unfortunately, it gets dry so quickly and I have to condition the crap out of it every single night to keep my hair smooth.  I also had difficulty capturing my hair so please excuse the myspace poses.

Besides being partially blonde, my hair was getting annoyingly long.  My boyfriend was due for a haircut so I tagged along with him and got my hair cut as well.  I have never got my hair cut at a salon before.  In the past, it was either my mom, me, or my teacher that has cut my hair.  I'm a bit of a cheapo when it comes to hair care but that is slowly changing as my cosmetology courses progress.  I cringed at the $33 + tips price tag that came the haircut, but at least my hair dresser had 25+ years of experience.  And of course, Mr. Sugarbumpkin insisted on paying for my haircut.

I asked my hair dresser for a trim and some more layers in my hair to the point where she thinks it would be the most flattering.  There are tons of short layers in my hair now, removing a lot of the bulk and making my hair seem overall more sleek and straight.  My hair was not flat ironed, which means that I'll have to work harder to get volume in my hair now.  She also put a bit of Moroccan oil in my hair, which I may invest in now because I love how silky it makes my hair feel and I'm sure it would give my bleached hair some relief.  I popped my contacts in before heading off to the salon so I could observe my hair dresser and the salon environment, and compare it to what I have learned in school.  I know, what a dork.  I'm still not completely sure if I like my hair as it is but I will give it a few days.  Funny thing is, very little of the overall length was removed, so I still have annoyingly long hair--just with a lot more layers and less bulk.

Andddd to of course, we must end this post with makeup!  Here is my look from today's adventures.

-L'oreal Color Infallible eyeshadow in Emerald Lane
-Milani Liquifeye eyeliner in Black
-L'oreal Lineur Intense Waterproof liquid liner 
-Stila Smudge Stick waterproof eyeliner in Silver Dollar
-L'oreal Extra Collagen Mascara

-Aveeno tinted moisturizer in medium
-Laura Mercier setting powder
-NYC Matte Bronzer in Sunny
-Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Amused

-MAC Viva Glam V

Whew!  What a long post!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ah! I love the bleached section of your hair! And the new haircut is very cute :)

  2. Wooooow, that's sooo cool! I love it! ♥♥♥
    I wanna have that as well...but my hair is still too short :/

  3. Cuuuuute, it suits you! Love the green and gold sparkles in the eye makeup too.

  4. no way, this is the coolest hair ever! love this! and if you want to go more bold, try having some highlights in a wacky colour like purple! since it's bleached, it's going to be great! I have a blue highlight in my hair, and i've wondered why i've never done this before!//Azure

  5. Love the new hair!!! Emerald Lane is gorgeous, it has such great sparkle to it!