Friday, July 15, 2011

The scramble for MAC Semi-Precious goodies (A rant)

Crystal Pink MSF, Feeling Flushed, Pressed Amber
This is going to be a post of ramblings about how I have become addicted to MAC, and my efforts to obtain two of the mineralized blushes from the MAC Semi-Precious collection.  You have been warned.

MAC's Semi-Precious collection came out earlier this month, so really not that long ago.  So why is it that I have to scramble around like a crazy bear to obtain some of these items?

First of all, why am I even scrambling for MAC products?

Confused?  Let me fill you in.  I don't own a whole lot of MAC products for a number of reasons.  One, they are quite pricey.  Two, it's difficult for me to get to a MAC store or a Nordstrom and the return policy for the online store requires me to get to an actual store.  And finally, MAC stuff NEVER goes on sale (like Sephora items do).

Well, since I got my GPS, and since my boyfriend has come to visit and is willing me to accompany me, I am now able to drive myself to the next city which actually has a mall.  The town I go to school in is actually quite small, so to get anywhere, you have to go out.  Since I can get myself to the mall, that means I am able to look at products in person, and hence get hooked to products more easily.

And that's how I have extended my makeup addiction to MAC products.

I went into to a MAC counter at Macy's on Monday with no intention of buying anything, not even the items from the semi-precious collection, because I have read Temptalia's reviews on the new products and they were quite critical and somewhat negative.  However, I have always longed for a beautiful MSF that I always see a lot of bloggers using, and I fell in love the baked blushes upon swatching.  Reluctantly, I decided to buy some goodies, and even more reluctantly, I narrowed my choices down to a MSF in Crystal Pink, and a Mineralized Blush in Pressed Amber.  I marveled over these two beautiful items I acquired (my boyfriend happily bought them for me :D) and instead of carefully putting them away in my drawers and forgetting about them like with most of my new makeup, I couldn't wait to use them.  That night, I decided that I must acquire the other two mineralized blushes.  It became an obsession, really, to the point where I tried to order them online.

When I checked MAC's website the next day, Warmth of Coral was already sold out.  Mind you, the counter I went to was fully stocked on Monday.  I tried to purchase Feeling Flushed, but the website flipped out on me and I couldn't put anything in my cart.  On Thursday, my boyfriend suggested that we hit the mall (again!?) to grab the two blushes before they ran out.  He knew it was becoming an obsession for me, and he is my number one supporter for my beauty blog and channel.  Naturally, he would be 100% behind me even though I wasn't supposed to be spending any money.

I went to the MAC store first, but it was packed and the two girls working there were too busy.  The display case already showed that Warmth of Coral was sold out.  So I ran off to Nordstrom, which still had all the testers in tact, so I asked for the two blushes.  The makeup specialist went to retrieve the blushes for me, only to come back empty handed.  He was able to order Warmth of Coral for me, but not Feeling Flushed.  After paying for that, I ran back to the MAC store to ask for Feeling Flushed.  One of the MAC girls looked through at least 8 drawers before finding the product.  Boy, was I relieved.  Again, the BF whipped out his credit card to pay for the blush.  I daresay, I feel quite spoiled.

MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC.  I was able to avoid its preying talons for so long, but now I am caught.  All I can say is, I can't wait till I'm professional so I can apply for the MAC pro card and get some hefty discounts :)


  1. lol...Yay! Thank goodness for having a BF who loves to spoil. I'm glad you are enjoying your MAC products! I didn't get anything from the collection. Partly due to the fact, that I haul quite frenquently so I have to skip on certain things. IDK, I wasn't really feeling it from the review and swatches on Temptalia.

  2. It's definitely addictive! I personally can't stop buying lipsticks myself.

    That's great that your boyfriend is so supportive of your makeup addiction, I need to find me someone like that >:D