Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

Before I move on to the review, I just wanted to thank you all for your wonderful and supportive comments on my last post.  I try to be as honest as possible with everything I put out (and sometimes I end up being a little too vulgar/blunt) and I'm glad that has carried across to many of you.  I'm going to keep at it in terms of putting good, useful, and sometimes entertaining information out there.  So again, thank you all for your support, and even just stopping by to give my blog a read :)

Let's get on to the review!

These are one of NYX's most popular products.  They are creamy eyeshadows in pencil form, containing about 5 grams (0.18oz) of product per pencil.  Currently, there are 28 colors available.  Prices differ depending on where you purchase the product but they should be no more than $4.50 each.

For some reason, some of these were sealed and some of these were not when I ordered them from  When I inquired about this, CherryCulture simply said that not all their products are sealed.  I shrugged it off since they can easily be sanitized.  Since these babies are in pencil form, you just have to sharpen these with a fat cosmetic pencil sharpener to get more product.  I find these portable and they can be stored easily if you buy them in the masses.

These babies can be used as an eyeshadow base to intensify color, an eyeshadow primer (with limits), or an eyeliner.

I currently own 12 different shades.  A review will come after a photobomb of the products themselves with swatches :)

Swatches over bare skin in day light.  No flash.

Swatches over bare skin in day light.  No flash.

Recommended (and not recommended) Uses:
  • For best results, use these with an eyeshadow primer underneath.
  • These make great bases for powder eyeshadows, but do make sure you blend out the color with a brush or your finger or you will indeed experience creasing.  
  • Once you blend the color out, the original color appears very sheer, so I do not recommend using these alone.  
  • If you're in a pinch, these will work as an eyeshdow primer.  On myself, they last around 6 hours before creasing a little, but the color starts fading gradually after about 3 hours of wear.
  • These will make lovely eyeliners, but I recommend using an eyeliner brush instead of applying it directly from the product because they are so big and chunky.
  • Very inexpensive.
  • Good selection of colors.
  • Very creamy and easy to apply.
  • Versatile as they can be used as a primer, base, and eyeliner (with limits).
  • Portable and easy to store.
  • Product will crease on your eyelid unless you blend it out and apply a powder eyeshadow on top.
  • An eyeshadow is a must if you want these to be truly long lasting
  • When blending the product, the color fades considerably and is no longer as vibrant.
Overall, I really love these jumbo eye pencils.  They're pretty cheap and come in a lot of amazing colors.  They are definitely a wonderful alternative to more expensive cream eyeshadows.  The pros outweigh the cons and I hope to purchase more colors in the future (looking out for the sales!).

[I have nothing to disclose.]


  1. Thanks for your review and swatches! I have a couple of these... I like them alright, but I find that some of mine get too sheer when I blend them out, and if I don't blend they crease like crazy! So frustrating! But I definitely think they have their uses, and I think some shades definitely perform way better than others!

  2. Great extensive review! I have most of the jumbo pencils and I really like them, still, I prefer my benefit creaselesse creams and mac paint pots over them, but they are way more expensive (and they crease as well on me).

  3. Great review! I should have read this before I used it! I didnt use a primer since I thought it was kind of like the MAC paint pots, accept in pencil form, and then it creased in about an hour =( Since I now know I need to use a primer with these, I am definetly going to be getting more colors! They are so pretty =))

  4. I love these :) I want Oyster, Rocky Mountain Green and Electric Blue.

  5. I love NYX'a JEPs!! Gorgeous swatches too, I love how you saved time/space by aligning them side by side like that. Very smart.

  6. awesome review gurl! I love how they bring life to a dull eyeshadow. Your swatches are beautiful!

  7. Great review, I was planning on trying mine over a primer but wasn't sure so I'm glad you cleared that up! I really like Purple Velvet, I think I need to get that one too!