Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Project 7 Day Palette: Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows

So I have FINALLY completed my first project 7 day palette.  Holy cheezits it's about time.  Like I said before, I don't wear makeup everyday, so I didn't get this done in a week.  I have taken a crapload of pictures of each look, and I do apologize about the angles being inconsistent for each look.  I'm oftentimes taking pictures in a hurry and by the time I realize that the quality is whacked (when I view them on my computer), I have already removed the makeup.  

In case you have forgotten what the palette looks like, here it is:

1. Absolem, Vorpal, Jabberwocky.  I did this look for my boyfriend's baby sister's prom makeup tutorial.  You can view the post/picture tutuorial/video tutorial here.

2. Drink Me Eat Me, Mushroom.  I wore this look when I was home for the weekend.  When I'm at home I tend to wear lighter makeup because my mother and grandmother are very critical and give me shit for wearing makeup.  

3. Alice, Oraculum, Underland, Curioser, Jabberwocky.  Ah, how I love brights and fun colors!  I wish I could wear makeup like this everyday! The main thing that stops me is time, but I had plenty of that when I did this look.  I ended up just going out to see Pirates of the Carribean with my boyfriend but it was fun wearing this nonetheless :)

4. Absolem, White Rabbit, Underland, Jabberwocky.  Wore this look out shopping :)  Tried on a bunch of lipsticks from MAC at the mall and what you see on my lips is Girl Bout Town.

5. Drink Me Eat Me, Muchness, Mad Hatter.  I'm not too much of a fan of neutrals, so I oomphed up this look with some teal eyeliner.  This was a really fast look that I threw on before a shopping trip.

6. Drink Me Eat Me, Vorpal, Jaberwocky.  Another rushed look =/  Had just a speck of time to throw something on before going out to Old Sacramento.  I decided to wear my contacts that day which was a big mistake because they were driving me nuts.  I took out, cleaned, and popped my lenses back in a couple times and my makeup ended up super smudged.  I touched it up a bit before taking these photos. 

7.  Midnight Tea Party.  So much for wanting to end with a bang.  I threw this on before an 8am class.  The sheer fact that I had time to do makeup is a miracle.  At this point I was getting really sick of this palette and itching to use some of my new stuff.  I know there are many other possibilities I could have done but I'll save those for another time.

Thanks for sticking with me through these 7 FOTDs!  If you've done the same challenge please let me know so I can see your looks!


  1. Cute! I like 1, 3 and 4 best!

  2. o0o0o0o what a fun palette to play with!! Great looks you created!!

  3. oh youve just made me want that palette badly! I think I love the 1st look best. those colours are awesome xx

  4. Awesome looks! That palette is awesome, you achieved such a great variety of looks from colourful and bright to subtle and neutral!

  5. The first and third ones are my favourites and HOLY SHIT Girl About Town is divine on you. :)