Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review: E.L.F. Essentials Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance

Hey ladies and gents~

I'm here with yet another review today! Yay!  This is a product that I have been using quite a bit lately, and it's the Eyes Lips Face (ELF) Luminance Bronzing Powder.  Now, right off the bat, if I were to be reviewing this as a bronzer, it would receive an awful review because this would not work as a bronzer unless you were transparent.  Instead, I will be reviewing it as a highlighter, so that's what I have been using it as :)

The website calls this "a touch of sunshine to warm up every complexion with its soft and silky texture for a beautiful and natural glow."  This could indicate that you could use it as a highlighter but the name sure is misleading!  Currently there are 4 colors available: Sun Kissed, Warm Tan, Luminance, and Matte Bronze.  Today I will be reviewing only Luminance, which seems to be the most popular as it is often out of stock.  I bought this a few years back, when it was the only color available.  You can purchase this product here (  It will only set you back $1 :)

The packaging looks pretty cheap but it is actually quite sturdy.  As you can see from the pictures, the lettering will fade with more use and time, but that's no biggie.  I can't find how much product is actually in the pan on either the website or the product labeling, but there is a good amount in there.


Picture taken outside in natural light.  L - heavy swatch.  R - Blended out.
Recommended Use:
Use this product as you would a highlighter, and brush it over where the sun would naturally hit the high points on your face: on top of your cheeks, bridge of your nose, and cupid's bow.  Feel free to use a brush of your choice (seriously, any brush works) or just your fingers.

-Dirt Cheap
-Not overly shimmery
-Looks natural on the skin (doesn't look chalky as all!)
-Sturdy packaging

-Difficult to get your hands on (only available on
-Very powdery so don't stir the product with your brush
-Lasting powder is so-so.  I notice that the glow is not there any more at the end of the day (approx 8 hours)

Ain't it gorgeous?  For $1 this is a fantastic deal.  It's not stark, white shimmer, but slightly peachy and blends into skin a lot more naturally.  This is currently my favorite highlighter, as it is subtle but certainly adds a glow to my complexion.  

Hm, my review seems a bit short but I think I have covered just about everything.  Let me know if you have any other questions about this product!  Thanks for stopping by!

[I have nothing to disclose.]

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  1. Elf is such a silly brand. Barely anything ever seems to do what it's supposed to do very well, but you'll occasionally come up with some other job for it.

    Great review!

  2. I'd love to see how this looks in a FOTD if possible ;]

    I LOL'd at "it would receive an awful review because this would not work as a bronzer unless you were transparent" because I immediately thought of a friend of mine - she's so pale this would probably somehow make her look orange XD

  3. This is really pretty! It doesn't look too bright, like some highlighters can.