Thursday, May 26, 2011

A serious graduation talk with my sister

Me, big sis, little bro

For those of you who read my blog, I thank you for doing so.  It is very rewarding for me to be able to share my thoughts on all things beauty, and have those thoughts be either useful or entertaining for you.  As much as I love makeup and colors, I feel like this blog only lets you see a partial side of me.  So I'd like to share a conversation I had with my sister.  Just a little bit of background for ya: My brother and I are both graduating this year (from different institutions of course).  This is not as crazy as it gets, but this is a typical conversation between her and myself.

    so i'm thinking about making dave (my younger brother who is graduating from high school soon) candy leis again
    don't tell him
    and i thought about filling them with carrots
    it made me lol
    like baby carrots
    DO IT
    k =D
Carmen:    and packets of ranch
    ranch is harder to find
    i'll have to go to mcdonalds
    for ketchup
Carmen:    OMG LOL
    oh hot damn
Carmen:    this is my jam?
    you think he'll wear it?
Carmen:    yes
Janny:    and when dave is done with it
    i'll wear it for my graduation
Carmen:    that's disgusting lol
Janny:    hm
    not really
    now if i filled it with mayonaise
    that'd be disgusting
    we'll do an egg necklace!
    maybe i should hardboil them so that when they break they won't leak on him
Carmen:    ....
Janny:    well
Carmen:    he's gonna look like an easter bunny
Janny:    not a lot of eggs
Carmen:    you should make him ears
Janny:    maybe only 3
    they'll be heavy
Carmen:    eggs and veggies?
Janny:    hm
    speaking of which
    i should decorate my cap huh?
    but i won't have time
Carmen:    hrm
Janny:    well
    i figured we could make him more than one
Carmen:    hm
    we could
    we should make signs
Janny:    we need a fog horn
    or a gong
Carmen:    or just the pots
Janny:    we'll have to hide them or they wont' let us in
Carmen:    :-(
Janny:    i wonder if we can bring mikey (my dog)
Carmen:    not cool
    he'll get restless
Janny:    but he'll be happy
Carmen:    he will
    maybe we can
      (copied and pasted from conversation with the baby brother)  : 
    hey are we allowed to brign mikey to your graduation?
Dave:    uh
    i'm not sure
    probably not
Janny:       =(
Dave:     why's that?
    we can bring mikey to yours?
Janny:       yeah
Dave:     oh
    into the gym?
Janny:       yeah as long as mikey doesn't get anxious or pee
Dave:     aiyah
Janny:       you should ask
Dave:     lol


  1. those are some nasty sounding leis LOL! and i think your conversations are cute. dorky sibling relationships are the best. congrats to your family!

  2. I giggled. Thanks for sharing this. =]