Saturday, May 28, 2011

American Eagle Sale! 30% off + Free Shipping

Hey ladies and gents~

I figured you guys may be overwhelmed by sales right now and here's another one to throw at you!  I personally like to shop at American Eagle for undies, sweatshirts, and sometimes shirts.  I also only shop at the clearance section, just because I'm kinda cheap and don't really know how to shop for/appreciate clothes like I do with makeup.  30% off AND free shipping is about as good as it gets when it comes to American Eagle sales.  I love how most if not all of their clothing is 100% cotton, and when they're on sale they're about the same price as clothes from retailers such as Forever21 and Rue21.  I find the quality of the clothing there lacking in quality, even if they are cute and affordable.

I bought a shirt for about $10.50 and some sexy undies for a little less than $5.  Nothing like wearing something skimpy underneath to boost your mood/confidence for the day!  I'll probably not do a haul video cause I only bought two items and it's a bit weird showing the world your underwear.

Okay enough rambling lol.  This sale ends on Monday, and you can shop by going to  If you shop through ebates (affiliate link), you can get a 3% cash back.

Happy shopping!

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