Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Black Rose Minerals' Haul, Swatches, and Look! (Picture heavy)

A while ago (and I mean a WHILE ago)  I purchased some mineral makeup samples from Black Rose Minerals.  They've got some fantastic deals and free shipping worldwide for samples, so I thought, "Why not?"  They also have a different 10% off code every month which I completely forgot to use.  I opted for the 10 sample baggies for $6 (+tax).  My package arrived within a week.

Even though I was only ordering samples, my package arrived in a bubble mailer.  The products themselves were wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap, tissue paper, and plastic baggies.  Rose (the owner) was nice enough to throw in a few extra mini samples.

I got to work debagging these babies right away.  Here is my little work station.

I swatched the colors while I was debagging, so they're kind of all over the place.  To see all the swatches at once, keep scrolling down.  I swatched on bare skin, and with the side of a Q-tip/cotton bud.

Woohoo natural lighting!

I cut open the bags completely so no product would be stuck at the top.

Samples: Liberty, Saturn, and Insect.  No flash.

Snow, Basilisk, Nightengale, Pacific Oil Slick, Royal Orchid, Mome Rath

Frost, Lady, Were Me out, Earthen

Mome Rath, Frost, Lady, Were Me Out, Earthen. No flash.

With flash.
All product descriptions are from the website.  An asterisk (*) indicates my favorites.  
Snow--A true pearly white with a kaleidoscope of glistening highlights 
Basilisk*-- Wears well both dry and wet. More metallic 
Nightingale*--A mysterious and dark duochrome.
Pacific Oil Slick*--black base with a blue green shimmer
Royal Orchid*--A deep metallic violet with strong red tones
Mome Rath--Shocking violet with magenta undertones. NOT VEGAN.
Frost*--An iridescent violet tint in a white base
Lady--A beautiful shimmery blue-green with a gold shimmer
Were Me Out--Shimmery dark green
Earthen*--A deep chocolaty brown
Liberty--Like the lady, this green is very much like an oxidized copper. A little bit of pink glitter with a slight metallic finish. NOT LIP SAFE OR VEGAN
Saturn--Grey, almost silver.  I can't find this on the site so it may no longer be available.
Insect--a sparkly shimmery light neutral brown with lots of iridescence. String notes of green and gold. NOT LIP SAFE.

So many swatches...
My debagged samples.

And the look...

The BRM products I used were Frost, Royal Orchid, and Snow.  It's been so long that I can't remember any of the other products I used.  If I remember correctly, all colors were used dry.

What do I think of them?
It's kind of hard to say.  I'm not somebody who uses loose eyeshadows very often.  I want to say that they are not terribly pigmented, as I have used other brands (also mineral) before that offered AMAZING pigmentation.  But again,  these guys don't pack as much of a punch as I had hoped.  Please don't take this as a review of the products, because it's not.  I'll have to play with the makeup a lot more to have a final verdict. I WILL say that the colors are really beautiful, and if I can make them work for me, I will most certainly be purchasing some full sizes.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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  1. I love the name and color of Mome Rath! =D Lewis Carroll, FTW! =D

  2. Hi, long time no talk! I hope u been well, sweety! Just came to say 2 things:I really love the way the eyeshadow goes on ur eyes, so pretty <3
    n nah, I hvn't heard of maplestory actually, bt I will check out how much alike is my snail to the snail, lol

  3. Oooh I think I need some of these! I love the look you created with them!