Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NOTD: Polka Dot Bomb

I'm on a roll with these nail posts, aren't I?  I have three whole days off from work this week.  Three days in a row!  That means I have to put nail polish on.  That small mountain I have acquired over the past two years isn't just going to use itself up, after all.

I tried my hand at nail art.  I opted for a simple polka dot pattern at first but I love glitz and glamour so I threw bling in.

I grabbed Essie's Coat Azure as my main base color and Zoya's Christinna as my accent nail color.  I didn't particularly like how Christinna turned out as it was super duper sheer and not as bright as I wanted.  I used Essie's Blanc instead to dot over Coat Azure since it was a more solid white and thus made a sharper contrast against the blue.  Just for fun, I dotted Zara and Tangy over the white dots.  Both are sheer, duo chrome colors, and are also by Zoya.  They acted more as accents so even though there are a lot of details on my nails, they're not necessarily over powering each other.

Top L-R: Essie Coat Azure, Zoya Christinna, OPI Save Me
Bottom L-R: Zoya Zara, Zoya Tangy, Essie Blanc

I get to keep my nail polish for 3 days. Woohoo!!!!!

Anybody do anything fun with their nails lately? Please share =D