Saturday, May 19, 2012

Out of the Box: Episode 1 (FOTD)

I'm starting a new series called "Out of the Box."  I tend to use the same products over and over again, leaving a lot of makeup untouched or barely used.  I think most bloggers typically relate these types of posts as "shopping your stash" but for some reason I really dislike that phrase.  Plus, that usually refers to the rediscovery of one product.

This series will be focused on creating a look with as many products that I wouldn't really reach for.  Some items, like my foundation, I can't really switch up because the only foundations I have that I don't use regularly are the ones I use for class and on clients.

Let's just hop to it, shall we?

-Eve Pearl HD Dual Foundation in Light
-Laura Mercier Setting Powder
-NARS Laguna Bronzer
-The Balm Bronzer in Bahama Mama
-Illamasqua Blusher in Thrust

-MAC Paintpot in Painterly
-Spellbound Cosmetics eyeshadow in Bubble
-Black Rose Minerals eyeshadows in Earthen and Frost
-Stila eyeshadow in Black Cat
-Stila eyeliner in Stingray
-L'oreal Waterproof Carbon Black Mascara
-Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in Forest (LE)

-Inglot lipstick in 264

As I've said, I tend to stick with the same products once I find something I like.  I find this to be most convenient when I have to look presentable and don't have the time to experiment with different things, which means a risk of needing to redo my makeup.  I had the luxury of time on Friday, so I pulled out some products I have barely touched (some even unopened!) and tried to figure something out.  I ended up using a few items for the very first time.  Here are some ways I tried to step out of the box:

1. Using mineral makeup/makeup purchased from an independent company.  I own quite a few eyeshadows from independent companies, but have never really used them because it's messy, and I find that most of the pressed shadows in my collection much more pigmented.  I was VERY pleasantly surprised with Bubble, as the pigmentation was fantastic.  Earthen...not so much.

2. Using pink.  I have nothing against pink, but I'm much more attracted to richer, bolder colors.  I own so few pink eyeshadows that there have been a couple times when I decided to use pink, but could not find the shade I wanted.

3. Lashes.  Again, I have nothing against lashes.  But as a frequent glasses wearer, they tend to brush up against the lenses and it's really quite annoying.  For the purpose of this look and because I was staying at home, I threw them on anyway.  Then ripped them off after taking pictures because they're so uncomfortable.

4. Light/nude lipstick.  When I first tried this lipstick on inside one of Montreal's Inglot stores, I was horrified when I looked in the mirror.  Light lipstick is NOT my thing.  One of the makeup artists claimed that she really liked it on me, and I figured I did not own such a light lipstick anyway so I got it.  Since then, I've tried it on a couple times but never found an occasion to wear it.  I still haven't, but at least I am documenting it, haha.

5. Hair.  Totally not makeup related, but that's okay.  I don't really know how to wear my hair curly anymore now that I have short hair, so I did a test run.  I curled it with a new flat iron I got from Le Angelique, then teased and hairsprayed the crap out of it.

As for the direction I took, I really didn't have one until I applied Bubble to my lids.  It was such a beautiful, pure, shimmery pink, that I didn't want to contrast it with dark colors.  I still wanted to break the pureness of the color, so I darkened my lash line with Earthen, and applied some non-dolllike lashes. The magenta blush on my cheeks ended up more pink than I expected.  I was flirting with doing a fantasy look and actually blended the blush up to my temples, but decided not to overdo it.

I used 5 products that I have never used before, which I'm proud of.  I discovered that I really really like some of them (Maybelline gel liner, Bubble, and Thrust) so hopefully I'll use them more often now.

What are some ways that you like to step out of the box?  I'd love to know!


  1. I seriously don't know why you don't wear that lipstick more often, it is gorgeous on you! Anyway, I own quite a few foundations but tend to stick to my Chanel one. I do have Eve Pearl HD Dual Foundation, though, and I actually *love* the look and finish of it, so I think I will bring that out again as I haven't worn it for about a month. Thank you for inspiring me to switch it up ;-)

    1. When I do wear lipstick, I wear mostly bright colors with a simple eye. For the most part, I find it too troublesome to always reapply lipstick, which I can't do at work. Eve Pearl's foundation is indeed AMAZINNGGGGG!

  2. I love the pink on you and your hair looks great!

  3. Loving this pink look:) i dont usually "step out of the box", but i should really start to do it! thanks for inspiration :)

    1. Yeah, it's hard to step out once you've got yourself situated in a certain routine. You should totally try it some time!

  4. Pink looks nice on you, I like this look!

  5. I love pink and this is just a gorgeous look :)

    1. Thank you! I suppose I should try pink more often then, eh?

  6. Ah, I love the look of pink eyeshadow. But when I wear it I look stoned. ):

  7. This look is just awesome- I love the lashes!!!

  8. That lipstick DOES look really nice on you! You should give it a few more runs! You'll get used to it! It's a very pretty shade! :)

    Drop Dead, Gorgeous

  9. Pink is definitely a great colour on you and I love your hair like that!