Wednesday, May 9, 2012

11 Q&A Tag from Iridescent Makeup!

Hello everyone!

I've been tagged by the very talented blogger behind Iridescent Makeup for this 11 Q&A Tag.  Her makeup is always beautiful so make sure to check out her blog!

So how this tag works is--

You are to answer the 11 questions that you were asked by the person who tagged you.  Then, formulate your own questions and tag 11 other bloggers to answer them.  Simple enough yes?

Let's get started!

Here is are my answers:

1. What's the best memory you have off the top of your mind?
        Hm, I'm not sure what you mean by best.  Happiest?  Most proud?  I'm really racking my brain for this one but I'm drawing blanks =(

2. Your #1 must have beauty tool?
       A blending brush.  When you have one of these, all is well in this world.  A blending brush and a flat iron.

3. Which is your favorite face moisturizer?
      Clinique Moisture Surge.  I rarely use it though because it's expensive and it's my sister's.  I don't want to use all of it.

4. Around what age did you start doing your makeup?
      18.  It was something that my mom didn't like and none of my friends used so I was a late bloomer.

5. Short or long nails?
      I love how nail polish looks on my nails when my nails are long but eczema and work keeps me from having long nails.  So short is most convenient.

6. What is the number one product you use in your hair and why?
     Shampoo and conditioner!  I honestly don't use anything else unless I'm using hot tools!

7. What place have you been to that has a beautiful memory in and who was it with?
     One beautiful but bittersweet memory comes to mind.  But I don't think I'm ready to share it.  Sorry :(

8. Who is that one person you can trust will hear you out and allow you to let it out?
     None other than a certain quebecois, my boyfriend Fran├žois.  He is my best friend, understands me more than I understand myself sometimes, and is never quick to judge.  He also tolerates and accepts all the stupid things I say and do.

9. If you could have a second home- where would it be and why?
     I would loooooove to live in the city--either San Francisco or New York City.  I love the culture of fashion, the fast paced life, the abundance of shops and restaurants.  

10. What makes you laugh/cry every time?
     Ooh another tough one.  A lot of random things make me laugh, as I'm easily amused.  I'm a big baby so sappy/sad scenes in movies always make me cry.

11. What do you like to splurge on the most?
     Makeup and food.  I may have a disorder of some sort.

Whew!  Now onto my own 11 Questions:

1. What name(s) do you like to go by?
2. What is your current profession/occupation?
3. What is your greatest accomplishment?
4. What is the craziest thing you have done for somebody?
5. Besides playing with makeup, what else do you like to do?
6. What was the inspiration/idea/concept behind your blog name?
7. What kind of music do you like (genre, bands, instruments, etc)?
8. What is your idea of an ideal first date?
9. If the Avengers held a round of hunger games amongst themselves, who would win?
10. If you had a wedgie in public, what would you do about it?
11. What is your favorite drink (alcoholic and nonalcoholic)?

I had to add some fun ones in there.  I tag the following 11 people:

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I hope you guys have fun with this one!


  1. I love questionnaires, thanks for the tag! I TOTALLY SPLURGE ON MAKEUP AND FOOD, TOO. I don't know... maybe it's easier to justify to myself than other thing?

    1. And even though I didn't tag you since I got the tag from you... You can totally do this over again and take the tag from my blog, if you want ;)

  2. I love your answers! And trust me, memories are hard to share sometimes, or hard to come up with!! There's too many.. Lol. And I agree with living in a big city- the fashion!!! :-)

  3. Thanks for the tag! I have so many, I need to get around to doing them!!