Friday, May 18, 2012

Dark Cut Crease Makeup: My first hair/fashion show

I got thrown into doing makeup for a hair show that one of night senior cosmetology class was putting on.  They had planned this fantastic hair show to showcase hair, as well as some fashion and makeup, but some of their models and makeup artists backed out at the very last minute.  My teacher asked me to fill in the night before.  I had work during the evening, so I ended up only being available for a little over an hour.

Prior to the show, I tried contacting somebody about what kind of makeup I was to do because I could only bring so much with me.  Since I didn't get a reply, I just threw some more colorful eyeshadows in my kit and ran out the door.

I was very lucky.  There were a few familiar faces on site.  The stylist that snagged me was a girl that worked at the lab during my class hours, and her model was one of my classmates!  Both are wonderful, easy going people, and the model (Taneil) used to model professionally so she was very easy to work with.

The stylist, Tasha, wanted dark makeup for Taneil.  She left me a lot of freedom with the makeup, but asked for black lipstick and dark, but not goth, eye makeup to contrast her pure white dress.  Tasha watched me as I applied the makeup, and was thrilled with it.  That took enormous pressure off my chest, as then I would not have to go back and make adjustments.  Also, I was very grateful that none of the other stylists knew who I was and asked me to do makeup on their models, because it allowed me to allocate my full hour of time to Taneil. When everyone knows you do makeup and everyone wants their makeup done, it gets very chaotic....

I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was rushing to get to work on time!  If/When I get copies of the professional pictures, I'll post those too!


Yes, that is indeed a dress made of coffee filters that Tasha made.  Crazy, huh?  I had to leave before I could see the finished look all put together.  Here are some pictures from Tasha's phone though.

 Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I wish I had been able to stay for the whole thing!  I don't know if I'll be able to do another one of these again :(


  1. A dress made out of coffee filters? It looks surprisingly couture (well, as couture as filters get)! Love the black lip and the smokey eye :-)

  2. Holy Sh*t, you are incredible at makeup. Also, love the coffee filter (?) dress. (:

  3. Whoa! I can't wait for the photos! I love the eye look with the lips and that dress just is so awesome xp

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  5. Oh my god, the eye look = EPICCCCCC

  6. Awesome job!!!! That must have been so fun!