Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Haul: CosmoProf 2012 Hair Show

I did promise a haul post from the hair show a few weeks back.  Of course, I got mostly hair products, as I want to become more proficient in hair styling.  I also picked up a brush roll and a couple of eyeliner brushes from Crown Brushes which are not featured.  I'll do a separate post on the brush roll.  I paid salon prices for all the styling products, which is the cost that salons would buy the products for.

First off, some Paul Mitchell products.  To be deathly honest, I don't know how to use any of them except for the serum.  I asked one of the sales reps about the products and I wasn't completely sure I understood him.  But with the $30 purchase, I got the nifty Paul Mitchell bag with the products.  Super handy for taking hair tools and products with me on the go.

I got some Kenra products too.  Everyone I talk to raves about Kenra's line, so I opted for some of their styling products.  I'm already in love with the thermal spray because it is a heat protectant and hairspray in one. Again, I got a cute bag/clutch with the products which is actually quite big.

One of my teachers, the one that cut my hair last, used Aquage products on me last semester when I was modeling for a demonstration.  I decided to try some of their styling products myself.  I also picked up a teasing brush which I like very very much :)

The hair show gave out free bundles of It's a 10 products, worth $44.  I don't know if that's salon price or consumer price.  Most of these are gels/texturizers, which should be fun to play with with my now shorter hair.

Ardell also had a booth at the show.  Their items were 6 for $15 the first day of the show, but they really wanted to get rid of everything so the remainder of their products were $1 each the second day.

One of my teachers and a classmate keeps nagging at me to get a better hairdryer than the one that was included in our kit.  I'm still a newbie when it comes to blowdrying so I was reluctant to purchase a new one.  But looking at the ones from Hot Tools, I found that this one fit so nicely in my hand, was easy to use, and very lightweight.  This was $70, but the guy at the booth threw in a free curling wand and an apron for combs, brushes and shears.

I later found out that in the state of California, brush/comb belts are actually illegal to use because they're not sanitary.  According to the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, anything strapped onto your own body is not sanitary, and therefore prohibited to use.  Makeup artistry does not fall under the rules and regulations of this department, so they are allowed to use makeup brushes.  Technically, though, they're not sanitary because the brush belt is not cleaned.

Lastly, I grabbed two of these sets that include a Shampoo/Body wash, hair texturizer/gel, and some earphones.  One for my baby brother and one for my boyfriend.  I think these make really neat gifts :)

That's all for now!  If you have used any of these products before or anything like them, please feel free on telling me about it.  I'm fairly new to the world of hair products so I need all the education I can get!


  1. Oh man, I am so hopeless with hair... Although I'm pretty sure I need a better hair dryer and a thermal spray of some sort, I may have to try to find that Kenra one. And I am so curious about curling wands! Looks like you got some neat stuff!

  2. I used to gift my brother American Crew - he loves those products!! Everything else you got sounds awesome. The bags they came with are neat and the hot tools curler is great- I have one I never use because I always forget I have it, but it's great!