Sunday, March 25, 2012

UK/USA Swap Anyone?

Hey everyone!

So ever since I saw the release of the By 3 Blush Trios from Sleek, I knew I had to have them.  I was just about to place an order for them on the Sleek website (despite my makeup buying ban, I know I know) but I figured it would be more fun to do a swap.  If anybody from the UK is interested in getting some items from the states, let me know!  If I don't get any response in about a week or so, I'll probably go ahead and buy the blush palettes.

Thankies :D!


  1. hey, so i know this was posted a while ago but i was wondering if you are still interested in a swap?
    if so please message me on : so we can have a chat?
    thanks !
    kasie x

  2. Hey!
    I would love to do a swap as I've been looking for sometime.
    Email me if your still interested :)
    Thanks :)
    Steph xx