Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Deranged Leprechaun

I'm in one of those phases where I want to keep pushing out makeup looks with a bit of an edge.  Something bright, something bold, something that's lots of fun to put on and wear.  And of course I had to wear it to work while my boss was on vacation for fear she would send me home and make myself more presentable.

Most of these taken after work so excuse the greasy face and faded eyeliner from the waterline =(  I did reapply my lips though!

Here's what it looked like without the gold.

-NYX JEP in Slate
-Sugarpill loose shadows in Tipsy (lid) and Stella (upper and lower lashline, darknening outer corner)
-Inglot eyeshadow in 418P (blended in the crease and lower lashline) and DS 463 (blended over 418P into browbone)
-Too Faced eyeshadow in Silk Teddy (extra brow highlight and inner corner highlight)
-Stila Smudgepot in Kitten (base for inner corner highlight)
-Milani Liquifeye pencil eyeliner in Black
-L'oreal Waterproof Carbon Black Mascara

-Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer
-Smashbox Healthy FX Foundation in Light 3
-Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Ivory
-MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC20
-Cover FX Setting Powder in Light
-NARS Laguna Bronzer
-NARS Blush in Deep Throat

-Buxon lipgloss
-Sugarpill loose eyeshadow in Goldilux
-L'oreal HIP Chrome Pencil in Gold Charge

I was pleasantly surprised how my alternative to using a gold lipstick (which I don't own) went with a loose eyeshadow and some lipgloss.  I first applied a very sticky, long lasting lipgloss, then used alternating patting and smudging motions with my finger to spread the eyeshadow, and then went back in with a gold eyeliner to give definition to the lips.  Surprisingly, this lasted me my entire 6 hour shift at work with minimal fading and a bit of settling into the lines on my lips.  The Sugarpill loose shadows are very finely milled, but I could feel some of it going into my mouth and settling under my tongue and in the back of my throat.  It isn't too bad, but feels like I breathed in some dust with my mouth.

In any case, I have midterms and projects coming up so I may not be doing any fun stuff like this for a while.  I hope you guys all had a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day.  I'd love to see what you guys came up with for St. Patrick's Day too!  


  1. The eyes are perfectly blended and this is such an awesome, festive look :-)

  2. I love those bold deep colors on your eyes. Beautiful!

  3. this looked like it was fun! i like the eye color a lot!!! the lips are so bold!! =-)

  4. Though I would not like so much sheen for myself still it looks quite like fun !!! nice to play around with colours and make lipstick

  5. Holy crap, Goldilux looks awesome on the lips! Gold lips look so cool! You've done a fantastic job of blending all of the green eyeshadows together as well!