Saturday, March 10, 2012

(old) FOTD: Green Beans

I wore this look a couple weeks ago for work.  The problem with posting things now and not then is that I don't remember most of the products I've used.  I really have to stop doing that.

I DO remember that I used Sleek's Curacao Palette (Apres Midori & Martini) and a matte black eyeshadow from Inglot for the eyes.  I also remember drawing inspiration from Sam of Pixiwoo for this look.  Those are the more important bits, I suppose.

I've been feeling so uninspired lately.  Like I said, these looks are from a few weeks ago and since then, I've only worn makeup twice.  I've been on youtube and reading through blogs like mad trying to catch some inspiration.  Perhaps it's time to take a break from makeup?  What a frightening thought.


  1. Wow, green looks gorgeous on you!! I love this look

  2. This look is awesome! I don't feel like I can really pull off green, but then again, it's not my favorite shade in makeup, anyway. I am a sucker for green clothing, though... go figure! If makeup isn't doing it for you right now, maybe you should take a break! I hate it when blogging begins to feel like just another thing on my to-do list, rather than a fun and engaging way to be creative. I had begun to get stuck in a rut and started trying to pull out some older products that I hadn't looked at in awhile and just use those, and that was surprisingly fun! Hopefully you'll think of something to get you back in the groove, but if not, give yourself a little break :)

  3. what a spring like look of yours!
    but really sad though for your lack of inspiration! don't take a break, because then you might have a very long period of no make up at all.
    i'd say why not do the same look everyday, because i think you'll develope a feeling after a while that goes: heck, now it's time to change this look once and for all!
    and then you have it!
    hope you'll figure something out!!/Azure

  4. I love green on you! I've been suffering a similar lack of inspiration although it is slowly coming back. Basically I've just being doing 'taupe and go' on the eyes for work. Boring! I'm sure you'll get out of your makeup rut soon xx

  5. Love you in greens! My favourite part is that shimmery inner corner that you've brought up onto the browbone.

    I feel ya on the makeup rut. I love lipstick so I've been doing mostly bold lip looks lately for work. I know I can get away with more colour though, so I should be pushing the boundaries with eyeshadow. *sigh*

  6. A break from makeup??? WHAT? NOOOOOOOooooooo! I'm just kidding, I know how you feel, sometimes it's hard to get out of a rut. Green looks great with your skintone, by the way!