Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Swatches: Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows

For once, I actually have swatches up after posting a haul!  Hurray!  I should be ashamed of myself as a beauty blogger: I very strongly dislike swatching.  I hate digging my fingers, no matter how clean, into beautiful product and leaving behind finger prints and oil.  But not having swatches of the products I feature isn't very useful either so let's get on with it!

After all that ranting....I'll just say that I swatched these shadows over bare skin and no primer using a BRUSH.  LOL.

I own most of the loose eyeshadows now.  I'll start with the ones I recently acquired from the Black Friday Sale.

Goldilux: Metallic gold
Tiara: Metallic silver
Stella: Jet black with rainbow sparkle

Starling: Metallic turquoise
Asylum: Brick, almost rusty red
Tipsy: Grass green
Decora: Hot pink with green shimmer

I was a little disappointed that Asylum wasn't the scarlet red that I wanted, and that Decora wasn't as bright and blue based as I expected, but all the eyeshadows are very lovely.

Now to move on to the ones I already own.

Royal Sugar:  Bright blue with turquoise shimmer.  By far my favorite of the bunch!
Hysteric: Purple with turquoise and green shimmer.
Magpie: Blue with a black base and turquoise shimmer.
Weekender:  Blue-violet with lots of shimmer.

It feels so good to have clear, good pictures to share with you guys.  What colors do you like the most?


  1. yay you got almost all of the sugarpill pigments! We are so in for asylum and especially since olgiepolgie made such a good look out of it.
    I would love seeing asylum on you too since you have black hair, and I can imagine how fun you'll have with all these goodies!

  2. Okay! I'll use Asylum tomorrow and see what I can come up with! Thanks =D

  3. Unfffff I also need Starling and Magpie!