Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Haul: Sugarpill Loose Shadows

I waited alllll year for the Sugarpill Black Friday Sale.  I was expecting 20% off, but was pleasantly surprised when they offered 30% off on Black Friday.  I was so excited that I loaded up my cart a few nights before so that I could just click the checkout button on the day of.  Here are my new Sugarpill babies:

Top: Decora, Stella, Starling, Asylum
Bottom: Tipsy, Tiary, Goldilux

I would have purchased all the loose shadows and the Sweetheart palette if I could, but I had to hold myself back somehow.

I have already swatched all the eyeshadows and taken pics.  They'll be coming up really soon!


  1. Can't wait for the swatches! That red looks amaaaaaazing :D

  2. wow Jealous! hehe...I guess I'm gonna have to wait till next black friday to try some

  3. I just ordered a whole crapload of these too....right before Black Friday (FAIL!)

  4. Drooooooooool. I still need to get my hands on Tiara and Asylum!