Friday, December 30, 2011

Swatches: Inglot Part I

Oh, how I have missed blogging!  I didn't truly realize how much I missed it until I put up my first post in maybe 2 weeks yesterday.  Now here is a post that I have been wanting to do for ages.

This is my first ever Inglot palette, acquired way back when in December 2009 as a Christmas gift from a guy friend who is now my boyfriend (lol....yes he has always been buying me makeup).  I got this when Inglot wasn't all the rage all over the interwebz and people were going crazy over them.  Why have I never blogged about them? Because I was not blogging at that time and I wasn't sure what was the best way to present them.  Lame.

Anyways, I ordered a whole bunch more of Inglot eyeshadows when they had their Black Friday Sale, and had planned to post swatches once I have reorganized my palettes.  However, I have 3 palettes that I have received as gifts so I won't be rearranging those.

Pictures were taken in natural day light.  Here is the beauty:

All swatches are done on bare skin with one swipe of the finger.

414P is a lovely emerald green with a pearl finish.  It is essentially a very rich and pigmented metallic green.
409P is also richly pigmented.  It is a deep, bronze-y brown, one of my favorites for smoky looks.

AMC73 is not as richly pigmented as the other eyeshadows in this palette, but it is very easy to build up the intensity.  This is an interesting finish, as it is a matte purple with lots of different color shimmer.

AMC Shine 43 is a metallic bronze.

Overall, these eyeshadows are amongst my favorites because they are inexpensive, and the majority of them are soft and amazingly pigmented.  They can get a little bit powdery and produce fall out upon application, so make sure you are using a patting motion when loading up your brush with product and applying them.

At the time of purchase, these eyeshadows had 2.7 grams of product each, but with the new Inglot eyeshadows seem to vary in the amount of product now.  They retail for $5 USD ($10 CAD, I think) each and are available at Inglot free standing stores and (only within the U.S!).  You may also call any store and place a phone order with them.

Hope you this is helpful to some of you who are shopping for Inglot eyeshadows!


  1. These are so pretty, I love 414! Haha, I guess it's a good thing I don't live closer to an Inglot store, otherwise I'd be in trouble!

  2. That's a cute palette. I like the colors that you have. I've always wondered what AMC means. Would you say they are less pigmented than the matte and pearl finish?

  3. Now that you mention it, Lamanie, AMC finish eyeshadows indeed seem to be less pigmented than the others. I looked back into my collection and saw that the eyeshadows I found less pigmented were of AMC finish.

  4. can't be disappointed by inglot now can you!? i'm surprised that you managed to only by a palette with four shadows!!!
    btw, hope you had a great time on new years, with an awesome look of course!!! and may your 2012 turn up even better than 2011!

  5. Your man picked these out? He's got great taste!

  6. I'm disturbed that I'm most excited by the bronzey browns in this palette XD