Sunday, December 4, 2011

Haul: Inglot

Inglot is currently having a 15% off sale plus free shipping until December 5th.  This is kind of revolutionary for me because I have been buying from Inglot since before they launched their website and got huge on youtube.  This would be my very first not in-store purchase.

Anyways, I lost my AMC lip pencil moving back home from my apartment so I was ecstatic about this sale.  I tried pretty hard to keep my Inglot order to a minimum but that kind of failed because I ordered a bunch of eyeshadows I didn't need.  Funny thing is, I accidentally ordered a duplicate of an eyeshadow I already have.  That's what happens when all the eyeshadow names are numbers and not actual names.

Wow.  I just noticed that I got an overwhelming number of blues.  In any case, I also noticed that the packaging and the product size has changed slightly.  In the bottom two pictures, you can see the old packaging and the new packaging.  The old packaging allows you to take the eyeshadow out and actually place it back in, whereas with the new packaging, you have to cut the plastic to get the product out.  In this sense, you ruin the packaging, which forces you to buy a palette to house it.

Another thing is, Inglot square pan eyeshadows used to be 2.7 grams a piece.  I noticed that the rainbow eyeshadows are 2.5 grams each, the newly packaged eyeshadows are 2.3 grams each, and the only double sparkle eyeshadow I ordered is 3.5 grams.  I don't know what the inconsistency is about, but I hope Inglot is not trying to screw things up too much after becoming more popular.

I'll post swatches after I receive my next Inglot order (yeah yeah yeah so much for holding back haha).  I plan to reorganize my current palettes and my new ones so that they are more color coordinated.

I've seen a few Inglot hauls popping up here and there but if I missed yours, let me know what you got!


  1. Wait did you place 2 orders with Inglot? lol. I wan't wait to see swatches of what you ordered.

  2. SWEET! I'm going to Montreal in May and I can't wait to go to the Inglot store!