Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Sale Preview ;D

Hellooooo everybody!

I will be having a MASSIVE, and I mean MASSIVEEEE blog sale coming up as soon as I figure out how to work paypal and pick up some shipping supplies.  I want to launch it as soon as possible but school (as usual!) is getting in my way.  Fie upon thee.  In any case, EVERYTHING has to go!  I do not want to be lugging these items home and to my new apartment when I move out of here, so please please please take a look and help me out! 

The products are mostly used, but there are many unused products.  The products that I have used have been used very lightly.  Almost none of the products have dents in them.  They are an assortment of high and low end items, and so far the majority seem to be high end products.  A good number of these items are also limited edition or have been discontinued, so it may be your last chance to grab some of these.  Here are some of the items:

To see all the products that are currently up, please go to here (  Again, this is a preview, so no transactions will be made at this time.  There will be lots more items being added in the near future.

P.S.  I will also be having a giveaway soon......

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