Friday, May 14, 2010

Review: Evian Facial Spray

First and foremost, I will be reviewing this product mainly as a makeup setting spray, even though its uses extend beyond that. So before reading ahead, this is not an exhaustive review on the product. If you would rather watch a video review, keep scrolling down :]

So I've been wanting a makeup setting spray for the longest time, but I didn't want to pay a hefty amount for the MAC Fix+ or for the Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray. After doing some research, I came across this little doodad, which is available for a very affordable price. Prices may vary but generally, two 1.7 oz cans will cost you $12, a 5 oz can will cost you $10, and a 10oz can will cost you $15. Just google "Evian Facial Spray" and you'll be directed to many different places where you can buy the product. I bought mine at a Sephora store, which only carried the small sizes. I guess that was fine since I've read both excellent and not so excellent reviews on the product. May as well try the smaller size first before getting a ginormous one.

To summarize my thoughts in one sentence: I like this product a LOT. Again, I can't compare this to MAC Fix+ or UD, but heck, why would I need to when this works perfectly fine for me? As a makeup spray, I use this shortly after applying all my face makeup. I spritz this all over my face about 10 inches away until I'm covered with a fine mist of the product. Spraying too close to your face may result in making your powder makeup run. While my foundation (without a primer) generally lasts about 5-6 hours before it gets yucky looking, the spray helps my makeup last all day. It will still look perfect when I'm ready to take off my makeup at the end of the day, which is probably about 10 hours after application.

The product also claims to hydrate your skin up to 14% with regular use, and remove perspiration, chlorine, and harmful salts from your skin. It also claims to moisturize, refresh, tone, and cool sun burned or wind chapped skin. I can't vouch for any of these (besides being refreshing), because again, I've been using this as a makeup spray. I do find this really nice to keep in my purse or in the fridge, to spritz when it gets too hot, or bring with me on hot days when I need to be refreshed.

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