Friday, May 14, 2010

Give Your Toilet Seat Covers Some Love: Cheap Blotting Sheets

Hellooooo ladies! Well, hello to my 6 followers. Haha, kinda lame. Oh well. I just wanted to tell you guys about a money saving trick for those of you who use blotting sheets on a regular basis. I know I for one like to keep my face oil free, and blotting sheets does wonders for doing that without removing my makeup. Am I willing to pay $10 for a tiny packet of sheets? No, not really. So whenever I feel like I need to freshen up, I run into the a toilet stall. Sexy, I know. Toilet seat covers are free, easily accessible, and are made of the same exact material as blotting sheets you would buy in your beauty supply stores. Not only that, but they are free of fragrances or any other funky things that may break you out if you have sensitive skin like me.

Obviously, it's impractical to keep sheets of toilet seat covers in your purse. You can do one of two things:

1) You can run into a bathroom stall and grab some toilet seat covers whenever you need to freshen up a bit.

2) Cut toilet seat covers into small rectangles, and put inside a an Altoid tin, or any sort of small case that you can easily throw in and out of your purse.

If you absolutely do insist on buying blotting sheets cause you think I'm weird, allow me to suggest ELF Shine Erasers. They're a packet of 50 blotting sheets for just $1. The catch is, shipping is a pain in the buttocks: $6.95 for U.S. Shipping and $14.95 to Canada. I don't believe they ship anywhere else. Just grab some toilet seat covers lol. It's not like you need to run off with a whole stack of them. Just one or two sheets will probably last you a week if you blot 10x a day.

Easy peasey, and best of all, FREE. Yay!

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